Zentraveler strives to erase carbon footprint!

I watched a bear work his way through the forest stopping to eat some blueberries and loading up on fat salmon for the winter hibernation. Even though the bear wears a size 57 triple x footprint he has developed a keen sense to obey nature’s laws. Our heritage is the American Indian and Indigenous populations worldwide. This is our history! Indigenous tribes throughout the world love and respect all of the animals, plants, and fishes and never take more than their extended family can use. They are a part of the nature network set up by the creator and they not only respect the earth, but they act as custodians of the earth to insure that future generations will have abundant supplies of food and shelter to care for their families. They use prayer, dance, and song to celebrate nature as part of their culture. We are supposed to learn from history not destroy it.

Warp speed ahead a few generations and we see evidence of huge corporations sending their pollution from towering smokestacks and leeching our rivers and oceans with dangerous toxic wastes. We have the technology to address the current situation worldwide, which would insure a cleaner safer environment, but would also help developing nations build the environmental model— putting many folks to work to help save this planet and create a win, win, situation.

Forget Paris Hilton’s driving without a license, forget wars, forget being politically correct, forget immigration issues, forget media presentations, forget interest rates, forget world domination at any expense, forget the oil patch, forget national debt, forget social security, forget health costs, forget White Tie episodes at the White House and don’t forget to forget that unless every single human and the by-product corporation takes an active role to stop this irresponsible behavior our planet will turn to toxic dust!

Since the United States hasn’t picked a really good fight with any countries lately they are beginning to blame China for everything. I can’t remember China holding a gun to us and telling us that unless we squander 1600 billion dollars in Iraq that they won’t make widgets anymore. What if the United States purchased 800 billion dollars worth of natural gas and oil in Mexico, Central America and South America and spent another 800 billion to construct a state of the art pipeline from the tip of South America to California. They could add a zip line, high speed solar train, bicycle and walking paths to generate tourist interest. You could bunk or backpack from pipeline number 1 through number 365. All of the rest areas would have eco-friendly lodging facilities, language schools, killer skateboard parks, water parks with spas and international restaurants— complete with hands on culinary schools. Park service could release wild animals to scare you, make you run faster or as a talking point back at the enclosed campfire setting.

Top ten things to do to erase carbon footprint:

1. Have ever man, woman, and child over the age of four PLANT A TREE worldwide.
China could start with 1 billion 300 million trees and could be accomplished on the first
weekend in May to correspond with kite festivals etc.

2. Walk 99% of the time— like our forefathers did.

3. Grow your own organic food supply, plus you can have 6 chickens, and two goats.
Get rid of all pesticides, chemical cleaners etc. Use vinegar for almost everything!

4. Place all cities and neon lights on a power grid and turn off all city lights at nine o’clock
with the exception of emergency facilities. Supply enough power to run one TV and one
computer plus three mercury light bulbs. What don’t tell me you are afraid of the dark!

5. Convert all of your bathroom waste into useable gas. Rural china does.

6. Talk on the cell phone up to ten minutes per day. You don’t say anything anyway!

7. Purchase your spring, summer, fall, winter wardrobe at a goodwill store not to exceed
$100.00 and donate everything else.

8. Purchase hundred pound sacks of rice, potatoes, and a barrel of salted smelts to
help cut down on transportation costs and never, never, never, buy at 7-11 type
convenience stores.

9. Turn all of the inmates out of the jails put them to work creating affordable green
housing and give the jails to the elderly and poor as lodging and creative learning

10. Choose your government leaders by the lottery system. If we get a good bunch
they can stay in office as long as they remember they work for us…give us great
health benefits, beautify our areas, provide free schooling, and create a residual
retirement system based on our gross national product and backed by gold bars.

11. Bonus: Don’t allow wild bears and animals to use toilet paper like they show on T.V.
It’s messy and unless it is biodegradable—- it is just plain littering!

12. Free bonus: Eliminate the military and bring back the service draft where every
person from the age of 17 would give five core years to the betterment of society.

QUOTE: “Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.”
——-Francis Bacon brainyquote.com

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second! ——-strangefacts.com

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Aquatic species, which are often overlooked, are facing serious trouble. One third of the United States’ fish species, two-thirds of its crayfish species, and almost three-quarters of its mussel species are in trouble.
—– endangeredspecie.com

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Don’t be a litterbug and carry out or pick up three times what you use!

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