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Zentraveler on the Chinese year of the Rabbit!

What’s up doc?

2011 Chinese Year of the Rabbit

“In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is known for its calmness, gentleness, and persistence.”

Good taste and refinement will shine on everything and people will acknowledge that persuasion is better than force. A congenial time in which diplomacy, international relations and politics will be given a front seat again. We will act with discretion and make reasonable concessions without too much difficulty.

A time to watch out that we do not become too indulgent. The influence of the Rabbit tends to spoil those who like too much comfort and thus impair their effectiveness and sense of duty.

Money can be made without too much labor. Our life style will be languid and leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuries] we have always craved for. A temperate year with unhurried pace. For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances.

The Year of 2011 is the Year of the Golden Rabbit, which begins on February 3, 2011 and ends on January 22, 2012. The Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animals signs. The Rabbit is a lucky sign. Rabbits are private individuals and a bit introverted. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are reasonably friendly individuals who enjoy the company of a group of good friends. They are good teachers, counselors and communicators, but also need their own space.

According to Chinese tradition, the Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves. It is a time for negotiation. Don’t try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail. To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children. Make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.

Not many people know that the Rabbit is the symbol of the Moon, while the Peacock is the symbol of the Sun, and that together, these two animal signs signify the start of day and night, represent the Yin and Yang of life. It is said that anyone making supplications for wishes to be fulfilled are certain to get what they want… and in the Year of the Rabbit, the wish-granting aspect of the Sun and the Moon combined is multiplied. The Moon is YIN and this is the Yin of Heaven, signifying magic. Thus on each of the Full Moon nights of this year, go out into your garden to gaze into the Full Moon and visualize plenty of Moon dust and Moon glow flowing into you, filling your whole body with bright white light and granting you fearlessness, love and courage. This will not only strengthen your inner “Chi” energy, it will also bring wisdom into your life.

QUOTE: Mother Teresa said, “There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation than for bread.” Most people are silently and internally begging for someone to recognize their achievements, desperate for a pat on the back, for validation. Ever been there? Sitting at your desk, having the crappiest day ever, wondering who even cares? ZENTRAVELER!

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Sharks are the only animals that never fall sick and are immune to every known disease including cancer.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Sharks! Shark populations take a long time to recover from overfishing. They grow very slowly and take a long time to reach sexual maturity – 20 years or more in some species. When they do reproduce, they produce very few offspring compared to other food fish species. These factors have already endangered several species of shark, particularly in coastal areas.

Declining shark numbers can have serious consequences for ocean ecosystems. Sharks are a vital part of the food chain, their predatory nature helps to keep populations of their prey species in check. Without sharks to help maintain a healthy balance, marine environments are at great risk of permanent damage.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Make it a habit be more like a rabbit!

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

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Zentraveler arrives in Davao the breadbasket of the Philippines!

Davao Durian Capital

Leaving from Cebu we touch down in the modern airport of Davao. A large billboard within the airport declares Davao as the DURIAN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. We rent a van and driver for a three-day tour of the surrounding areas. The thing that begins to imprint on your mind is the immense size of the city as we head from the airport to our hotel destination.

Breakfast Waterfront Insular Hotel

Davao City is Mindanao’s premier city and the gateway to the regions’ attractions. At 244,000 hectares it’s the World’s Largest City in terms of land area. It’s boundaries encompass commercial zones as well as beaches, mountains and forests. The city developed during the early 1900’s when Japanese migrants set up plantations along its shores, taking advantage of the rich volcanic soil… nicknamed the bread basket of the Philippines.

Davao is considered as one of Asia’s best cities and rated as one of the most livable and safe cities in the Philippines.
It is also blessed with a mild climate that’s rarely affected by typhoons. Quite a few x-pats and retirees have chosen Davao for its excellent climate, shopping, and modern medical facilities.

Situated beside Davao Gulf, the city is dominated by the Philippines’ highest mountain, 2,954-meter-high Mount Apo. Nat The dormant volcano area has native tribes and folk lure and its fertile, cool foothills are covered with plantations of exotic fruits like durian, marang, and pomelos as well as numerous flower farms.

Native Artists performing Mount Apo

Mount Apo is actually a national park area…travelers are captivated by the sight of its magnificent array of flora, ranging from impressive mahogany trees to strange lichen formations…and home to the Philippine Eagle, formerly named the monkey-eating eagle, one of the world’s largest birds(with a wingspan of over two meters… it’s the worlds second largest eagle) and designated as the national bird.

Vanay Bebeng Buffet Restaurant

Day one our travels included eating a great luncheon in Davao at the ——restaurant, getting settled into our hotel accommodations and touring the city, where we witnessed old churches, scenic parks, local durian fruit stands, and many shopping malls with newer and larger ones coming out of the ground. Davao is a major shipping area where goods are warehoused and dispersed throughout the Philippines. Davao City is definitely a city on the move with expansion happening in all directions.

Perla eating Durian

As there were six of us in our group five girls all fiends of Perlas and Zentraveler. That evening we had a typical grilled fish dinner at mom Helen’s house with local dishes and then all of a sudden as if we won the lottery the girls were all down on the floor outside on the patio devouring yet another giant durian!

Pier across from Samal Island

The driver drove us back to our hotel and said: ” good night I will pick you up at 8 am tomorrow morning … we are going to the mountains tomorrow.” We all pulled out our printed internet recommendations for tourist attractions in the Davao area! I commented it will great to spend a few days in the mountains and get back to nature… everyone agreed we were all on the same page. Lights out sweet dreams! We drifted off to sleep with visions of durian and sugar plums dancing in our heads.

Natural relax at Insular Hotel

Davao is an anchor tourist destination, a natural haven for all travelers and those pursuing daring adventure pursuits. If you like eco-tourism, eating exotic fruits, fresh fish delicacies, trekking in the mountains or just relaxing on a scenic beach… Davao just might fit the bill!

Eden Nature Park

QUOTE: When the student is ready, the master appears. ~Buddhist Proverb

Eagle and Handler

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Due to its strategic location in the Southeast portion of the Philippines, Davao has both air and sea connections to the primary points of destinations in the Philippines as well as the world. Land transportation that carries both people and goods to various points in Mindanao is using the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway in Davao. One of most busy airports within the Philippines is the Davao International Airport that caters daily flights to the various primary destinations in the Philippines.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Airline Travel Miles!

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: It’s good to be Green!

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

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Zentraveler on Korean Red Ginseng!

As a kid I go into the mountains of western Pennsylvania and hunt wild ginseng with my father! We would look for the red berries and then dig up the roots which were shaped like a man. We then placed the roots in cigar boxes and about a year later would send our supply to an address in New York. ( what was a pound in weight shrank dried to a few ounces) I waited anxiously for our check to come in the mail and sure enough a few days later we received our check with a thank you note. The money wasn’t great, but dad said it would buy quite a few ice cream cones!

My father said someday we would find our mother lode of ginseng and be filthy rich! He went on to say uncle Russel never had a real job in his life and made his living making moonshine and hunting ginseng! My mother would not allow me to visit uncle Russel since she thought his influence was bad. I couldn’t imagine what was bad about a man who had pigs and chickens in his house and would take my father down in the basement, where he would pour a gallon of dandelion wine then reach in the oversized freezer and hand over poached deer steaks and hamburger shot from his own farm He also was growing ginseng behind the old shed and always showed me his prize ginseng plants with their bright red berries.

In oriental countries Korean Red Ginseng has been specially used as a precious gift among royal families, a Korean Red Ginseng is a health food which can be enjoyed anywhere.

The Chinese have been using ginseng for over 5000 years. They composed the name ginseng from two words meaning “Man Plant” from its frequent likeness to the human form. It was later given the botanical name Panax derived from the Greek for All Healing or Cure All and related to the word Panacea. It comes as a surprise to most North Americans that the variety of ginseng native to this continent, known as Panax quinquefolium L., has been used by our native peoples in a similar fashion as their Asian cousins who use panax ginseng. Ginseng and all of its products are made from 100% pure whole root.

Ginseng has been the most highly respected herb since ancient times by both Chinese and Native American herbalists. As known by these ancient healers, this herb seems to help the mind and body to be in balance.

Ginseng is one of nature’s greatest gifts. It is used to increase physical and mental endurance, boost energy, normalize body functions, reduce cholesterol, and prevent cancer. Traditionally, ginseng has been used to enhance sexual desire, by promoting sex hormone production. Ginseng supports the natural balance of your body to combat fatigue and strengthens and protects your nervous system.

Now modern research has demonstrated that over 28 therapeutic elements (ginsenosides) are in this vitamin rich plant. Recent research shows that regular use of Ginseng is helpful in the treatment of memory loss (Alzheimer’s), balance of blood sugar levels (Diabetes), slowing down the aging process, helping the immune system, etc.

The benefits of long-term usage of ginseng have been realized by the North American and European populations only since the late 1960s. As awareness of ginseng’s properties steadily increase, so does its popularity. Ginseng’s value is mainly as a preventative. It should be taken over a long period of time to stimulate rejuvenation and virility. Indications are the best long-term benefits are achieved with a dosage of between 500 and 1500 mg (milligrams) per day. For therapeutic use, a dosage of 2000 mg per day is recommended.

Ginseng may be effective for treating colds, coughs, rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, diabetes, anemia insomnia, stress, headache, backache and double vision. Women find it helpful in normalizing menstruation and easing childbirth. In an experiment study in Eastern Europe, ginseng was used effectively as a mouth was against Periodontal Disease which is a progressive destruction of the supporting structures of the teeth. Ginseng also counteracts the effects of physical and emotional stress, enhances memory, counteracts fatigue without caffeine, and improves stamina.

Medically, ginseng stimulates the immune system, by spurring the production of the body’s own virus fighting chemicals, helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, has anti-clotting effects, reducing risk of arterial blood clots, helps control diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels, is known as an antioxidant, preventing the cumulative cell damage researchers believe cumulate in cancer, protects the liver from the effects of drug, alcohol and toxins, minimizes cell damage from radiation, and increases intestinal absorption of nutrients.

There are two distinct types of ginseng grown in the world, American ginseng (white or yellow in color) and Asiatic ginseng (red color). They claim that American ginseng has a cooling quality on the body versus a heating quality for Asiatic ginseng. The traditional Ying and Yang if you will.

Disclaimer: This website is simply the writers views and is not an attempt to practice medicine or provide specific medical or health advice and should not be used to make a diagnosis or to replace or overrule a qualified health care provider’s judgment. None of the statements on zentraveler are to be understood as a recommendation on how to treat any disease or health related condition. If you require medical or other assistance Zentraveler strongly encourages users to consult with a qualified health care professional.

QUOTE: “Ginseng strengthens the heart and nervous system. It builds general mental and physical vitality and resistance to disease by strengthening and stimulating the endocrine glands that control all basic physiological processes including the metabolism of vitamins and minerals. Soviet researchers report that ginseng normalizes the level of arterial pressure and is effective in the treatment of both hypertension and hypotension.”

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), true ginsengs are considered the most valuable and potent for lengthening life and promoting vitality.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Ginseng seeds! One of quickest ways to make a million dollars is to begin your own ginseng farm.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Use Korean Red Ginseng daily to help build your immune system and for longevity!

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

Follow the Zentraveler Blog often for Travel, Health and Zen-like stories and such. Where else can you get a three in one blog for the price of free?

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Zentravelers New Years Message!

In the Now

Empty Your Mind

Forget all the hype of broken promises and New Years resolutions! Take a few minutes to reflect on the past and a few minutes to plan the future and then immediately move into the Now! The Now is all you have and all you will ever have.. so make the most of it!


Slow Down Your Overactive Brain by Daily Meditation!

Stop and Smell the Flowers!

Smell the Flowers

QUOTE: So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the path of each man’s genius contracts itself to a very few hours. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: January 1st is a great day to start a daily meditation program, get more exercise, eat nutritional foods, try to be more present when talking to your family and friends, look at the flowers, practice the art of listening…. and surrender your ego to end all suffering.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Make a budget and stick to it. Having a budget will help you to have better control of your money by being able to see exactly where your money is going, what money is coming in, and of course how much money you have left over. With a budget you can save ten percent of your earnings… laying the groundwork for houses, college, and retirement.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Focus all of your attention on the NOW and I hope that your 2011 is filled with beauty, delight and happiness.

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

Follow the Zentraveler Blog often for Travel, Health and Zen-like stories and such. Where else can you get a three in one blog for the price of free?

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