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IF you whispered under your breathe “Now that’s a lot of CROC!” pat yourself on the back and go to the head of the class. The Antidote is a unique Anti-Microbial Peptide offering the widest range of healing power on the market today. It kills all known deadly VIRUSES and BACTERIA in the body. A Protein Extract taken from CROCODYLUS POROSUS, the largest living crocodile in existence and the most ancient living species on earth (over 20 million years old) is the new miracle cure. According to new scientific evidence- it really is the all inclusive miracle that will kill all viruses and bacteria your body can throw at it.

The nastiest looking plants and animals have the highest possibility for curing diseases. When the creator put this planet puzzle together they allowed us to figure out the perfect antidote for every disease known to man. Only one hitch they forgot to give us the owner’s manual and them jungle headhunters and such ain’t to privy in giving away the secret store to a bunch of gringos. Prehistoric man didn’t have a local Walgreens or even a friendly doctor sponsored by Merck. They had to tuff it out and find the remedy within their own territory. So if it’s ugly, nasty, stings, and bites this is the cutting edge of the secret to all of our modern day medicines. Just imagine getting bit on the privates with honey bees (some indigenous tribes use this ancient practice today) rolling in a bed of fire-ants, swimming with an acre of man-0-war-jellyfish, eating poison oak like Popeye eats spinach and having sex with a monitor lizard just for openers.

Doc I feel like a million pesos. Thank you my son now get on with it I have a night chase with jackals coming up and I must prepare the field with some live red-meat. Them jackal bites almost cure anything. So if you have a hard to cure disease maybe it’s time to look in your own backyard for the answer or take a jungle cruise with Tarzan. I knew a veterinarian from Cozumel, Mexico who let scorpions bite him, which set up his immune system to fight off every cold and flu bug that came down the pike. Incas in South America strip bark for curative teas and the list goes on and on.

Nearly all malignant diseases are kept active by viruses and bacteria, the main cause of infections. A disease must be made dormant to stop further infection. It is essential to kill the viruses and bacteria first, to enable the body to recover. Using the Croc formula Antidote is the first step towards a healthy life. It’s immune system strengthening powers make it the perfect method for maintaining a stable and healthy lifestyle. have simply taken the crocodile’s best weapon against infection and made it functional for human application.

The Croc cure does not require a prescription or medical consultation before being taken as it is a natural alternative to Antibiotics or drugs which have failed to kill virulent viruses or bacteria that have developed an immunity to current antibiotics and drugs produced by modern medicine.

The common cold is a thing of the past, even serious infectious diseases such as
Cancer, HIV, Avian (BIRD) Flu, SARS and many other life threatening diseases can be helped by the miracle healing powers of the Croc Antidote.

This isn’t just for the consumer who’s getting over the daily cold or flu, even if your not ill, the Croc cure can be used as an additive to the immune system, fortifying it from attacks. This is the perfect way to fight illness before it even has a chance. You’ll find yourself feeling stronger and healthier within 48 hours of taking the Croc Antidote.

So if you really think this is a bunch of Croc or not– do yourself a favor and check it out at’s Internet Website. This is the only place you can purchase this product.

—— adapted from website

QUOTE: “Now that’s a bunch of croc!”
A single Pink Flamingo speaking to his soul-mate as they attempted to
wade across the lower reaches of the Nile River

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: A Crocodile’s third molar hangs over his jowls distinguishing him from his cousins the Alligators.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: All the Crocs and Alligators- and now you know why. We need em to save the planet and our own skins. I dare say!” Very selfish indeed.”

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: EAt more Croc and take advantage of the latest scientific advancement.

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Zentraveler prepares for South American trip!

The adrenaline is beginning to pump as I check off my to do list for a six month trek into South America. I will fly from Miami to Caracas, Venezuela and head south through Brazil and possibly head to Terra del Fuego- one of the most Southerly outposts on the continent.

In order to visit Brazil- United States citizens, need to have a visa stamped in their passports by one of the Brazilian Embassies. I elected to use Visa Express at for a total cost of $158.00 I downloaded their visa forms, included a 2×2 passport type photo, filled out a travel itinerary for my stay in Brazil, included my US Passport and used postal overnight for $15.95. I received my stamped Visa inside my passport on the fifth day hand delivered to my door. Now that’s impressive! This is a Brazilian tourist visa which must be used within 90 days of your approval date. When you enter the country you have a ninety day tourist visitors visa. I called Visa Express twice and was treated professionally and could not give them a higher recommendation for any of your Passport or Visa needs There phone number is (1-800) 884-7579 Diplomats and International Businessman use this service because of it’s speed and dependability.

Now that the Brazilian Visa is behind me, I needed to address my vaccination shots which included Yellow Fever ($89.00), Tetanus($29.00) , and Pneumonia($40.00) total $158.00 which I received at the local health center in Florida. A Yellow Fever shot with proof is required in Brazil if you have visited Venezuela before entering Brazil. At any rate you should at least get your Yellow Fever shot and discuss with your local doctor any other shots they recommend for your travels. You receive a yellow booklet: International Certificate of Vaccination as approved by the The World Health Organization which is now a part of your travel package,

I ordered and received my International Drivers license which is good for three years. This is also fast and easy– you only need to download an application and send a copy of your Driver’s license along with a new and different 2X2 inch picture of yourself on a white background which you can get at any passport photo office or local drugstore chains like Walgreens. The cost was $104.00 and was purchased via IDL Services inc. www. International (305-421-7272 It’s a good thing to have when you rent cars, motor-scooters etc.

The next leg requires packing for a diverse trip which I have a small back pack and a larger travel bag which I can leave at a pre-determined destination and pick up on my return trip. The key is to travel as light as possible which for an American is next to impossible. If you don’t have it- you probably don’t need it anyway and you can always purchase it along the way.

I have in my travel pack one pair of shorts, one pair of kaki long pants,one heavy sweater,one poncho rain-jacket, three t-shirts, three pair of underwear, three pair of white socks, several drip -dry safari sport shirts, one swim suit and a clear plastic see through divvy bag for my toothbrush, deodorant, etc., my digital camera in a case and any medications that you will need for the trip. A plastic whistle around your neck for emergencies plus a container of mosquito repellant with deet. One roll of toilet paper. You keep your travelers checks, passport, International Drivers License, and Vaccination Card in the fanny pack with a twist. Use the pack tucked under your front shirt and into your underwear if necessary- so it is not obvious to thieves. Copy all of your credit cards, birth certificate, passport, international travelers license, immunization shots, and your travelers checks and numbers and send to a relative for safe keeping just in case any of this stuff gets stolen along the way.

Use a hidden code for your credit card pin numbers and embed them in your documents. Plan to communicate using internet cafes to update your loved ones or write a blog which is a perfect way to document your trip and activities.

If you want to phone from South America to the United States you can purchase your phone cards from the following website, which is quite a bit cheaper than calling direct. To get a phone card, click on When you buy a “card,” you don’t get a physical card, just several access numbers and PINs to call from various cities (large cities within the country you are calling from.

Last minute tips for travel in a foreign country: Get advice from a travel health professional, let your body adjust once you arrive, protect yourself from disease-bearing insects, make sure your water and ice are purified, consume only well-cooked food, Fruit and veggies? Wash it, peel it, or forget it, prefill your prescriptions, as they may not be available at your destination and take some extra time upon arriving at the airports to orient yourself with a mapped out destination. Don’t jump for the first taxi. Ask the taxi driver what the cost will be before he loads your luggage into the cab.

Bon Voyage!

QUOTE: If you use humor to laugh at yourself you will be constantly entertained!

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW:The Gytrash, a legendary spirit known in northern England, haunts lonely roads awaiting travellers. Appearing in the shape of horses, mules, or dogs, the Gytrash haunt solitary ways and lead people astray. They are usually feared, but they can also be benevolent, guiding lost travellers to the right road.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Travel stories! Why be so different from our ancestors? In retrospect they had it all together. I am not so sure this new bunch running the planet has a clue. Should they remain clueless or should we help them out? I’ll let you decide!

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: If you keep traveling you may catch up with yourself!

I want to thank the many bloggers and visitors who have read my blogs and I appreciate the fact that you pass the word via grass roots to any of your friends, family and interested travelers virtual or otherwise. I call this my three way blog- which includes a section on health, Chineese Zen, and travel stories. I also would encourage any feedback or areas that you the blog-reader would like to see in future blogs. My bags are packed– I’ll see you on the internet. Zentraveler

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