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Zentraveler explores the secrets to Longevity.



If you would like to live to be a hundred maybe you can follow some of the secrets of my ancestors.  Uncle Irvin lived to one hundred four and worked outside trimming and growing things.  Grandma lived close to a hundred and planted her own garden every year plus had a room full of flowers and green interior plants, My mother lived just shy of a hundred and learned not to worry…answer the question what good does worry do? Great Uncle Russel’s occupation was  hunting for wild ginseng and mushrooms in the mountains. At age 96 he asked me to bring him a new beagle pup  as he wanted to start training the beagle to be a top rabbit hunting dog. It takes approximately two years of training in the field.  He planned to go hunting at age 98 with his newly trained beagle.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 84,000 centenarians currently live in the United States and the number continues to grow. By 2040, this fast-growing segment of the American population is expected to reach 580,000–a seven-fold increase. How can you boost your chances of one day joining their ranks? By learning the secrets to a long life and healthy aging.  Using the lucky number eleven we have listed eleven secrets to longevity.

1. Stay current.
One key to longevity seems to be keeping up with the times. Though it goes against the stereotype that the elderly are unable or unwilling to learn anything new, an increasing number of centenarians are embracing new media and technologies and are constantly learning new things.

2. Stay connected.
Daily communication with loved ones may also contribute to living longer. A large percentage of those polled–82 percent–talk to a friend or family member every day, and nearly 80 percent feel that an active social life is more important to maintain as you age than an active sex life. Some studies have shown that those with satisfying social relationships (including a stable marriage) experience less mental decline due to aging and remain more mentally alert than their more isolated peers.  People with pets also live longer.

3. Eat, sleep, and exercise.
Eating right, sleeping enough, and exercising regularly are at the top of the to-do list for people who have made it to 100. Three-quarters of respondents make it a point to eat nutritious, balanced meals and get eight hours of sleep every night. Nearly half walk or hike once a week for health benefits, and more than 30 percent get weekly exercise from activities like gardening. Focusing on these areas can help you maintain a healthy weight over your lifetime and feel better mentally as well as physically. The “New England Centenarian Study,” conducted by Boston University’s School of Medicine, found that few centenarians are obese and are almost always lean, especially men.

4. Stick to routines.
Many of those who live the longest have a fondness for daily and weekly routines. In addition to healthy habits formed by connecting with others and staying fit, nearly 75 percent say it is important to have a good sense of humor make it a point to have a hearty laugh daily. More than 60 percent meditate or practice  “spiritual” activity each day to help keep them centered. Be in the now…easier said then done.

5. Volunteer.
Giving back is another avenue to longer-term health and happiness. Close to 90 percent of centenarians believe that volunteering helps improve emotional health and can make people happier. Seventeen percent have volunteered in the past six months.  Not just volunteering simply helping anyone improve their life via teaching or demos is a win win situation.

6.Have a hobby.

And if you don’t have a hobby it never to late to get one and make sure its something you like and enjoy. Many hobbies to chose from in today’s world which include card playing, bingo, walking, golf, swimming, working crossroad puzzles, reading, stamp and coin collecting, growing herbs, music…and the list goes on.

7. Feel satisfied.
It’s often said that the secret to happiness is wanting what you have. Centenarians seem to prove this point, with the oldest Americans harboring few regrets and expressing contentment with the lives they’ve led. In an impressive show of strong adjustment and coping skills, nearly 80 percent said there was nothing they would have done less of; over 60 percent said there was nothing they would have done more of in their lives. In the end, what more could you want from a long life than that?

8. Be your own Best Friend.

Sounds easy enough, but you would be surprises how many people fall into the trap of self loathing and the poor me complex.  Snap out of it Jack and Jill.  Do you want me to push you off a 300 foot cliff bungee jump with native vines tied to your feet…  I didn’t think so?  Friend or Foe its your choice.

9.  Forgiveness

Forgive any and all of your possible enemies…they didn’t know any better. And it like lifting the biggest weight and ball and chain from your person and soul. Now that’s something to crow about.

10. Gratitude

Wow that’s a mouthful.  Give thanks and appreciate the little things in life including saying something nice to everyone you meet.

11.  Be active and keep busy.

Unless you were born in the animal world and are a sloth where you hang upside down all day watching the world go by then just because your getting older doesn’t give you the right to be a sloth and a couch potato.  Bottom line get off your duff and  get with the program

So there you have it make sure you have a good nights sleep, get up early with the birds, eat a healthy breakfast, do your daily exercises, have an early lunch with lunch being your largest meal and an early dinner using small portions and if hungry take  a few apple snacks a day plus drink plenty of  water also drink at least three cups of green tea daily try to eliminate fast foods and a meat diet and  most of all stay away from doctors and chemical laden Pharmacies.

Now that you have all of the secrets you can live like Moses …you might double the 100 year mark and live to 200…then freeze yourself and start all over with  a new batch of DNA.  Whats not to like?  Paying those  taxes and such.  No worries mate… just instruct your personal robot to handle the details and kick back and relax.  And don’t forget to hug your friends and pets…they like that.  Grasshopper you can skip the longevity lesson.  Grasshoppers have a short life cycle especially when a hungry bird spots you lounging on your backside in the tall cool grass.

QUOTE: The secret to Longevity is to keep breathing. (Quote by – Sophie Tucker)

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: He who gives food, gives longevity, pleasant complexion, happiness,
stamina and intelligence.Buddhism advocates generosity as one of the main virtues accumulated even by the potential Buddha. Feeding poor people is one of the duties of a Buddhist. One who is capable of earning more with ethical means shares his/her surplus with others. Food, clothing, shelter and medicine are four essentials that a person needs. Buddhism emphasizes the fact that everybody lives on food and that is the main requisite. The Buddhist generosity is culminated when one sacrifices his or  her own life for the benefit of others. According to Buddhism, before asking the person to follow the teachings of the Buddha, one should check whether the person had enough to eat because the hungry cannot comprehend the essence of the teachings. The Buddha mentioned that hunger is the worst disease in the Universe.

THINGS YOU CAN SAVE: The earth is a good place to start.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Live each day as if it is the only day you have.  You would be amazed at how that can jump-start an entire lifespan.

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.  Follow the Zentraveler Blog often for Travel, Health and Zen-like stories and such. Where else can you get a three in one blog for the price of free?



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