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Zentraveler on health benefits Lagundi Herbal Tea.

Lagundi Herbal Tea

Lagundi Herbal Tea is a product of the Philippines and has been used for many generations for sore throat cough, congestion, and flu-like symptoms. My partner Perla relates the story that her grandmother living on one of the Philippines remote islands always made her own Lagundi tea with the first sign of infection or drastic weather change.

Lagundi Tea Model

Lagundi Tea is an herbal tea that can be good in health especially if you have fever, cold, flu or it can be good in a cough or any viruses. The Lagundi Tea are made of the indigenous people in southern part of Philippines. This part of their livelihood program. As a Fair Trade Organization we need to help small and medium enterprise organizations.

Lagundi or Vitex negundo is a large shrub native to the Philippines which has been used as a traditional herbal medicine for centuries. It is commonly found in tropical, subtropical and also warm temperate regions throughout the world, especially in the Philippines.

Research on lagundi conducted by the Philippine Department of Health has suggested that the plant has a number of practical uses, and the use of lagundi is actively promoted by the government as a result. Outside of the Philippines, preparations of lagundi are sometimes available at stores which supply herbal medicines, or through practitioners of herbal and alternative medicine.

This plant is native to the swamps of the Philippines, where it can sometimes grow quite tall. It has a single thick, woody stem like a trunk, and the leaves appear palmately, in the form of five-pointed leaves which splay out like the fingers of a hand. The leaves, root, flowers, and seeds of lagundi all appear to have medicinal values.

The use of five-leaved chaste tree for medicinal purposes has been known for a long time in China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and other Asian countries. Today, pharmaceutical companies in Japan are importing wild vitex negundo from Philippines. The root is reported to be tonic, febrifuge, and expectorant. The root is also used in a great variety of diseases: dyspepsia, colic, rheumatism, worms, boils, and leprosy. The flowers are used in diarrhea, cholera, fever, and diseases of the liver, and are also recommended as a cardiac tonic. The seeds make a cooling medicine for skin diseases and leprosy, and for inflammation of the mouth. The leaves are used as a tea for conditions like coughs and asthma.

Preparations of lagundi have been used for a wide variety of complaints traditionally, although scientific research has concentrated on its use for respiratory complaints. Lagundi is generally accepted in the Philippines to be useful for coughs, asthma symptoms, and other respiratory problems, and the Philippine government actively promotes it as an alternative to Western cough medicines. Some doctors also prescribe lagundi to assist in the treatment of asthma, as regular doses appear to reduce the strength of asthma attacks.

As an analgesic, lagundi also appears to have some efficacy. It has been compared to drugs like aspirin in trials which show that lagundi may be useful in the treatment of things like pain after dental extractions. Some people like to take lagundi before going in for extractions, in an attempt to pre-empt the associated pain and discomfort.

Lagundi Tea

Lagundi is prepared by boiling it, steeping it, and then straining it. At home, people make lagundi teas from the leaves, often producing a large amount and bottling the excess to use later. Commercially, lagundi can be purchased in the form of syrup or capsules to make it easier to handle. It is also blended in with cough medicines and other herbal remedies.

Enjoy Daily Cup Lagundi Tea

As with other herbal medicines, lagundi should not be taken without consulting a doctor, as it may potentially conflict with other medications or it may be contraindicated for a particular condition. If your doctor is resistant to herbal treatments, you may want to seek out a practitioner who supports complementary medicine so that you can get sound advice about whether or not lagundi is safe for you.

Case Histories in Clients who use Lagundi:

The woman who had major sinusitis:

I really think Lagundi has made a major difference in my overall sinusitis, congestion and general shortness of breath. In addition, my therapist’s work indicated that Lagundi was supplying me with minerals my body needed, for support of the immune system and for the body generally. I believe the Lagundi also mitigated the effects of a bad cold I got, just as I started using Lagundi. Using Lagundi twice daily seems to be enough now. If I take too much, I get slightly nauseous. I love the stuff and I hope others have the positive results that I have had. Bless you all and thank you. I am beginning to feel healthy for the first time in many years. PH, Sebastopol, CA

The man who got the flu
I have a friend whom I visited. When I arrived, he was flat on his back, feeling very sick, with a high fever and sore throat. I gave him 3 Lagundi. Within one hour, the fever was gone and he got up and fixed dinner for me. After dinner, I gave him 3 more Lagundi. He continued Lagundi for two more days and the flu never took hold. SM, Cottage Grove, OR. source:…

Disclaimer: This website is simply the writers views and is not an attempt to practice medicine or provide specific medical or health advice and should not be used to make a diagnosis or to replace or overrule a qualified health care provider’s judgment. None of the statements on Zentraveler are to be understood as a recommendation on how to treat any disease or health related condition. If you require medical or other assistance Zentraveler strongly encourages users to consult with a qualified health care professional.

QUOTE:Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage. Tea … is one of those rare treasures, enjoyed throughout the world, that actually benefits health.

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW:Ever since tea was first discovered, its cultivation and consumption have been encouraged because of its apparent ability to ward off disease, strengthen powers of concentration, cleanse the body, and aid digestion. Legends of its medicinal properties reached Europe and the New World from China, intriguing the Western consumer, and now, centuries later, modern research has begun to confirm many of those early beliefs.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE:Tea leaves…so you can predict the future.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Feeling like a cold, chest congestion, cough, or sore throat ….Drink several cups of Lagundi Herbal Tea for a natural health boost.

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Zentraveler on Binaural Beats for Easy Meditation!

Easy Meditation

Having trouble meditating and uttering ohm until the cows come home… why not take advantage of history and modern technology and just sit back and soak in binaural beats to achieve instant meditation. Binaural beats alpha are able to help most anyone to reach a state of complete relaxation.

Although the creation of binaural beats has only been possible through advancements in technology, the knowledge behind them has been known throughout history. Ancient cultures have been aware of the power and benefits of binaural beats centuries before modern science has recognized them.

Now of course these cultures throughout history did not call them binaural beats nor did they know what they were. What they did know was that consistent rhythmic sound created extremely powerful healing and spiritual benefits. Scientist Melinda Maxfield, PhD, conducted research on the drumbeats used in the rituals of these various cultures and found that they beat at a steady rate of 4.5 beats per second. This consistent beat induces a trance-like state to its listeners. This is a result of the brain shifting into a 4.5-beats-per-second brainwave frequency, which is a low Theta brainwave state.

In almost every culture throughout history, binaural beats have played an important role in the healing and spiritual development of man. With the use of repetitive beats and chanting, the Tibetan monks, Native American shamans, Hindu healers, and mastered Yogis have been able to induce ranges of brainwave states for transcending consciousness, healing and spiritual growth.

It wasn’t until 1839, when Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered binaural beats, that science had finally caught up. And even though scientific researched still continued, binaural beats still remained a sort of mystery for the next 134 years. In 1973, Gerald Oster put together the scattered binaural beat research since Dove and wrote “Auditory Beats in the Brain”. In this research paper Oster offered tremendous fresh insight and new laboratory findings to research on binaural beats.

Oster saw binaural beats as a great tool for cognitive and neurological research. He believed they could answer questions such as how animals could locate sounds in their three-dimensional environment and the remarkable ability of animals to pick out and focus on specific sounds in sea of noise. He also believed binaural beats were a great tool for diagnosing medical problems. Not just auditory impairments but also for more general neurological conditions.

A few years later Robert Monroe, with the help of Thomas Campbell and Dennis Mennerich, began researching the effects of binaural beats on consciousness. Robert sought to reproduce a subjective impression of 4Hz oscillation that they associated with out-of-body experiences. What they found was that binaural beats were an amazing tool for reaching altered states of consciousness. On the strength of their findings, Monroe created the binaural beat self-development industry and formed The Monroe Institute, which is now a non-profit binaural beat research and education organization.

Since this time there has been extensive studies and research done on binaural beats and brainwave frequencies. As technology advances and we are able to learn more about how each frequency effects the body and human consciousness, we are able to create more advanced and useful binaural beats. source

So there you have it an ancient field of harmonics which can be life changing in today’s life of stress filled explosions on the mind. Learn to meditate in 10 minutes by using binaural beats… thanks to earth and Eddyespadas channel on YouTube. A few selections you might enjoy include: Eternal Labyrinth 10.20 sec, So Monkey Twin Flames Ascension 6:22,So Hummingbird Twin Flames 6:13, So Penguin Twin Flames Memories 6:15

QUOTE: “Over the last few years my interest in altered states of consciousness has continued to grow. My interest was initially sparked by the use of binaural beats and later brainwave entrainment. In particular I have found brainwave entrainment audio which also uses binaural beats encoding to be very effective. The great thing about brainwave entrainment is its ability to synchronize the brain to a desired frequency.” —The

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW:What to Expect from Binaural Beats Alpha. All good quality binaural beats will allow you to experience Alpha brain waves. When you are in this state some very common effects are:
A complete calming of the body as well as the mind, A feeling of peace,Reduced stress,Higher levels of creativity, A feeling of balance and pleasure, and A letting go of anxieties.

Alpha brain waves are very possible to experience naturally without any help. So why would someone want to use binaural beats to help experience them? The answer to this question is very simple… In today’s world, people are stressed out. Life is busy, chaotic and often confusing. Although it is possible to experience Alpha brain waves without any help, binaural beats allow us to experience the benefits of this state at any time we chose. It can sometimes be very difficult to actually relax. Even if we try to take some time out to breathe, we are often unable to shut off the conscious mind and truly experience the healing benefits of true relaxation. By tuning in to a binaural brainwave entrainment audio, closing our eyes and focusing on the pulses coming through the headphones, we are able to bypass the conscious mind and deal directly with the subconscious.

This is a very powerful state that can not only help a person to feel a million times better but also to restore some peace and harmony to their mind, body and spirit. In turn we are able to function better when in the awake state.

”To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE:Upload Binaural Beats and save for your private meditation practice.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS:Listen to the sounds of the universe via Binaural Beats for easy relaxed meditation.

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Zentraveler on historic Raffles Hotel Singapore.

Raffles Hotel

As you tour historic Raffles Hotel you get the feeling this would have been the era to be a writer, explorer, adventurer. Sipping a cocktail at the outdoor bar sets the stage for the movie like setting in tropical paradise. As you make your way up the grand staircases you can witness art frescoes against the white Colonial Hotel displaying the grandeur of the hotel and the times.

Raffles Outdoor Bar

Making your way up to the “Long Bar” home of the “Singapore Sling” and a favorite watering hole of writers, artists, and hollywood celebrities… makes you want to move in for a year or so and write that novel as did novelists Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling. Anyone who is a history buff would enjoy the ambiance of the Long Bar as well as the authentic fans turning around to cool you in your rattan chairs while taking a leisurely lunch and sipping on Singapore Slings.

Raffles Long Bar

After leaving the Long Bar we discovered Raffles Museum where you can witness the photographs, dress,suitcases,and memorabilia of that era. Adjacent to the museum is a gift shop where you can buy traditional Singaporean items.

Raffles Museum

As you move about through the hotel… Raffles has some of the most exclusive men’s and women’s shops I have seen anywhere in the world… including a fine selection of elegant international brands like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton. I was thinking of getting a tailor-made white linen suit complete with straw hat and Ascot for the evening meal, but after looking into my wallet we settled for a delicious coffee ice cream and french vanilla float and felt like movie stars for the day.

Exclusive Retail Shops

Thomas Stamford Raffles was born at sea on board a ship Ann on the 6th of July, 1781 off the coast of Jamaica. In 1795, the young man accepted his first job in the East India Company as a clerk. But he studied hard in his spare time and in 1804, was posted to Penang (then Prince of Wales Island) and promoted to Assistant Secretary to the Presidency of that Malaysian island. His mastery over the Malay language made him indispensable to the British Government, and he was later appointed Malay translator to the Government of India. In 1811, he returned as the Lieutenant Governor of Java, and was soon promoted to Governor of Bencoolen (now Sumatra). On 19th January, 1819, Raffles founded modern Singapore and I would wish he could come back to marvel at one of the best model cities in the world…with more millionaires living there than any country.

Hotel Elegance

Stamford Raffles was deeply fascinated by the immense diversity of strange animals and plants of the East Indies during his tenure there. He soon employed zoologists and botanists to discover all they can about the animals and plants of the region and would pay his assistants out of his own pockets to collect specimens. He also revived and became the president of the Batavian Society which was actively engaged in the study of natural history of Java and adjacent areas. He was a writer who wrote a book about Java and a founder (in 1825) and first president (elected April 1826) of the Zoological Society of London and the London Zoo.

Wall Fresco

Sir Raffles established schools and churches in the native languages. He allowed missionaries and local businesses to flourish. Certain colonial aspects remained: a European town was quickly built to segregate the population, separated by a river; carriage roads were built and cantonments constructed for the soldiers. He quickly started educating the children knowing this would be the best long-term effect he could contribute to the future success of the island.

A visit to historic Raffles Hotel is a waltz down memory lane filled with good scenery and nostalgia.
The grand colonial hotel set against its lush palm trees and greenery with it excellent bars and great food served in the fashion you would expect from a five-star resort is a plus. While in Singapore this is a must visit to leisurely spend the day and travel through history in grand style.

Raffles Tropical Hotel

QUOTE: “The Singapore Sling is one of those wonderful drinks that we probably have all heard of, but perhaps have never had. And because this recipe is often incorrectly recorded in most recipe books, even if you think you’ve had it, you probably haven’t.”

Singapore Sling

1 ml gin
1/2 ml Heering® cherry liqueur
4 ml pineapple juice
1/2 ml lime juice
1/4 ml Cointreau® orange liqueur
1/4 ml benedictine herbal liqueur
1 – 2 tsp grenadine syrup
1 dash Angostura® bitters

Mix all in a shaker and pour in glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of pineapple and cherry.

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: The Singapore Sling, perhaps the world’s most famous cocktail recipe, was invented by a Raffles Hotel barman. Somewhere just after the turn of the century, Raffles Hotel barman Mr NgiamTong Boon invented a pink cocktail for the colonial ladies – the Singapore Sling. His recipe book was considered so valuable that it was kept locked in a safe. Visitors may now view the safe and other colonial treasures in the hotel’s museum.

Magnificent Raffles Hotel in Singapore is not just a hotel: it is a proud piece of Singapore’s history, a Singapore institution, and a must-see tourist attraction. The hotel was named after Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, the founder of Singapore. At $800- $1400 per night, few garden-variety tourists actually stay at Raffles Hotel, but everyone can enjoy sight seeing and quality time in the famous Long Bar and order a Singapore Sling.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Bar-room coasters from around the world.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Take a tour down memory lane and visit Historic Raffles Hotel.

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Zentravelers miracle green tonic drink for good health!

Fresh Aloe Vera

My partner Perla combines ginger root, raw honey, and aloe vera for a morning tonic drink! It’s like a morning pick-me up on steroids and all you need is to have some fresh aloe which you can grow yourself, some fresh ginger from the supermarket and raw honey from a Natural health Food store.

You take the green aloe vera leaves and fillet the outer skin, cut into small pieces, and run through a mixer. Next step add fresh ginger root chopped up and add a tablespoon of raw honey and mix for approximately one minute or until ingredients are smooth! Serve fresh or chill it in the frig for a delicious nutrition packed drink.

Fillet Aloe Vera

The delicious looking drink is bright green and has a zest to it because of the ginger root and raw honey for energy! So there you have it if you want to do something green and drink a drink packed with good nutrition why not make your own green tonic drink and joins the ranks of healthy lifestyle. I just read by the year 2030 fifty percent of the population living in the United States will be obese.

Mixing Green Drink

Disclaimer: This website is simply the writers views and is not an attempt to practice medicine or provide specific medical or health advice and should not be used to make a diagnosis or to replace or overrule a qualified health care provider’s judgment. None of the statements on Zentraveler are to be understood as a recommendation on how to treat any disease or health related condition. If you require medical or other assistance Zentraveler strongly encourages users to consult with a qualified health care professional.

QUOTE: “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” — Mark Twain

Green Tonic Drink

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Why not drink healthy natural drinks! Why anyone would consume soft drinks these days is a mystery. The nutrition facts point out that soda is full of empty calories and offers nothing to build the body up, only tear it down. The phosphates in soda are overly acidic to the body while the sugars, or artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, create other health challenges.

Some thoughtful companies, who only sell their products online or by word of mouth, have created great tasting health drink replacements for sodas, sugary fruit juices and high fructose energy drinks. Kids who try them say it is a nutrition fact that these healthy drinks taste as good as soda. Parents who try them love the fact that they are filled with antioxidants and complex carbohydrates, not simple carbs like sugar or caffeine and artificial ingredients that do more harm than good.

To find better nutrition, many people are changing their shopping habits, getting out of the stores and onto the net for truly natural foods and health drinks that are not available at the retail level.

Homegrown Aloe Vera

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Your money and health! When you eat at a fast food restaurant or for that matter any restaurant they make a lot of their profit on Americas favorites like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Sprite… which is a huge add-on to your bill. Ask for house water with a twist of lemon and not only is water one of the most refreshing drinks and its free in most restaurants. A couple could save an average of 25 dollars per week times 52 which is $1300 per year. That’s not chump change…can anyone say FREE vacation ….simply by eliminating soft drinks.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Drink aloe-vera green tonic drink for longevity and good health!

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

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