Zentraveler was designed to allow the reader to travel through different dimensions including the virtual and real worlds. My interests include: fly-fishing, trekking off the beaten path, studying Chinese Zen literature, lost and ancient civilizations, homeopathic remedies, folklore and natural healing.

I have written several books including: Coco Loco, a humorous fishing adventure and Blowfish a James Bond style thriller. ( a few more in the works)

I have traveled extensively throughout Central America chasing the elusive fish, visiting Mayan Ruins and backpacking about. I lived in Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula for a year and had a trip of a lifetime through the South Pacific.

I use a form of humor that some people will not like. I will apologize ahead of time if anyone or group is offended. Before we take this very serious matter too serious. I could have chosen a blog on how to tie flies and it would be informational with links etc. End of story.

I have chosen this blog to share tips, funny things that have happened to me on my travels, explore ancient civilizations and to get people either to think or laugh. When you think about it there really isn’t anything really funny about humor. David Letterman and Jay Leno wouldn’t have a show if they weren’t poking fun at someone. All you are doing is laughing at the expense of someone. Not funny is it… if it is you!

Now to the corporate stuff! Every blog I write will be reviewed by my editorial staff, which includes my first assistant editor, my second assistant editor, the most excellent fact checker staff (many cups of java) The Attorneys in Fact to make sure one word doesn’t call for litigation, the spell checker crew, the grammar crew, the layout crew, the final review board and the night crew. Who do you think I am Time Warner? As you can see this is probably a case of altered source material— if you get my drift.

I otentimes use exaggeration to enhance a story… it’s part of my M.O …. the world is boring enough as it is. I sometimes will use cutting edge humor to poke fun at politics, the corporate world, big government and the plight of humanoids. So mind your peas and q’s you could be next.

You are cordially invited to become a Zentraveler as we travel down the information highway. The cost is free! It’s your time— it’s your life so tune it in or tune it out. You can expect the unexpected I know I will. This blog will consist of letters and words. That’s it!

Sitting at my puter Don’t you just hate that. Sitting at my computer If I can help just one person, give a useful tip, make you laugh, think or call you into action I may continue blogging. Fair Warning!

I can always head to Africa and start tagging White Rhinos. As Zentraveler picks up steam I will add a few categories and am open to ideas and comments.

See you on the blogosphere and always practice bloggers forgiveness!


(Disclaimer) Except where otherwise noted content on this site is created by vanscott and falls under creative contents attribution license and comments here reflect the personal opinion of the author. I am not held responsible for any actions you take because of the Zentraveler blog. You came into this world on your own, you will leave this world on your own and you are on your own when you read the Zentraveler blog.

8 responses to “About

  1. Zentraveler is on a mission -maybe not!

  2. I think I have been Plutoed what do I do next?

  3. bill

    check out david icke video when you have time.

  4. hoh

    welcome to the world of blogging!
    have you heard of ray mear?
    he’s an expert at living hwo to survive in the wild
    how to make fire make shelter – he’s brilliant and he has a wonderful website with all the fire making devices
    google him
    i’ve got to know him from seeing his TV series
    all the best
    i hope you throw the fish back after you’ve caught them!
    happy hunting
    cape town south africa

  5. Where in the HXXX are you? You are into story telling and clearly are a world traveler? Where is K?
    I am going back to read some more about October, 2010…

    I am in Lake Helen, going to MX in a few weeks. I built a home there….right in an art colony, writers, artists, musicians, and an adult campus…where the women (all rich but me) are 12 to one!

    I have yet to do the webpage on singles, but will today..perhaps, maybe!

    Happy Day! Pepper

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  7. Christine

    hello Van! I don’t know if you remember us. Me and my husband, Shane went on a vacation in Bantayan Island by the end of February to march of 2012. I was pregnant then. You shoot pool together with my hubby and we met your beautiful wife ate Perla. We found your calling card and we just wanna say Hi. We hope you guys are okay after the typhoon. Keep in touch. my husband’s facebook is https://www.facebook.com/neub211 .

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