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When I was a child if I was bad my mother gave me a dose of  CASTOR OIL which I hated and shook my head as if bit by a snake.  Also when I was good and came down with any sort of infection my mother delivered the dreaded CASTOR OIL like Nurse Ratchet…and vol-la the cold or whatever magically disappeared. Sometimes these older remedies have a great deal of merit…  which allows us the cliche of MOTHER KNOWS BEST! As my brother was  a fast learner he was almost always good to avoid the castor oil treatment.

Castor oil comes from the castor seed, Ricinus communis, which has a very unusual chemical composition and healing properties. Castor oil is a triglyceride, comprised of fatty acids, 90 percent of which is ricinoleic acid. This unique fatty acid is found in lower concentrations in a few other seeds and oils (0.27 percent in cottonseed oil and 0.03 percent in soybean oil) and is thought to be responsible for castor oil’s unique healing properties.

The castor seed plant is native to India. Centuries ago, the plant was referred to as “Palma Christe” because the leaves were said to resemble the hand of Christ. This association likely arose out of people’s reverence for the plant’s healing abilities. It was later adopted for medicinal use in Ancient Egypt, China, Persia, Africa, Greece, Rome, and eventually in 17th Century Europe and the Americas. Castor oil is one of the best kept secrets in the world of natural health.  Taken from the bean of the castor plant, this oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which exerts powerful therapeutic effects. Historically, castor oil was taken as an oral laxative.

Today, however, taking castor oil this way it is not recommended because its powerful laxative effect can disrupt normal digestion and healthy intestinal flora. When it comes to treating chronic conditions, sometimes it is more effective to treat our bodies gently. Castor oil best exerts its powerful effects when applied topically, directly to the skin. It proves to be a simple, cheap and effective remedy for a variety of common health issues including: hair-loss, arthritis, back aches, muscle aches, and may even help in certain cancers.

Disclaimer: This website is simply the writers views and is not an attempt to practice medicine or provide specific medical or health advice and should not be used to make a diagnosis or to replace or overrule a qualified health care provider’s judgment. None of the statements on Zentraveler are to be understood as a recommendation on how to treat any disease or health related condition. If you require medical or other assistance Zentraveler strongly encourages users to consult with a qualified health care professional.

QUOTE: Advice is like Castor Oil, easy to give, but dreadful to take—Josh Billings


  • Advocates claim castor oil is most effective for strengthening your lymphatic system when it is applied topically in a “castor oil pack,” a treatment popularized by the late psychic healer Edgar Cayce

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Castor Oil plants..be careful grasshopper they can be your own poison.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Use Castor Oil packs on the body to restore lymphocytes and to improve your immune system.

From here to Infinity and Beyond is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on. Follow the Zentraveler Blog often for Travel, Health and Zen-like stories and such. Where else can you get a three in one blog for the price of free


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  1. Hi Vann…..enjoyed this article…..in my day castor oil was used as punishment! You look handsome as ever. I am so happy you taught me how to travel in Mexico…a life lesson I will never forget. Love and always joy in your life to you and yours, Pepper

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