Zentraveler visits Maia’s Beach Resort, Bantayan Island

Pool overlooking Sea

How would you like to re-charge your batteries in a beach resort that has it all… AT AFFORDABLE PRICES? Want to get lost in time and place and not sure how to do it. Simply drive from Cebu approx 3 hours, arrive in Hagnaya port and take a ferry on the Island Express ferry-boat… about 1 hour and arrive on scenic unspoiled Bantayan Island at the port of Santa Fe. For those who don’t have their own transportation you can hire a private van, a taxi, or travel by bus from Cebu north terminal to Hagnaya, take the ferry and make your way by hiring a special motorized tricycle from Santa Fe…or call Maia’s for customer pickup with advanced reservation.

For business types and those folks in a hurry you can also fly from Cebu to Bantayan Island flying time approximately 25 minutes. Flights originate at Mactan Cebu Airport: in the Mactan General Aviation Terminal.(MON/WED/FRI) at the regular fare of P1,500 per person, 1 way. Mid-SEA Express eight passenger plane. Prices and flights subject to change. To book a flight CALL Mid-Sea Express offices at: +63-32-495-6976 & 512-4241 – Mid-Sea Express cell numbers: 0929-426-9980 Also 0939-270-2185

From Santa Fe travel toward the town of Bantayan about 30 minutes and you will see Maia’s sign with a sailboat for Maia’s Beach Resort. Make a left turn and travel approximately three kilometers to the sea. Check into your beach cottage, unpack, grab your swimming suits and head for the swimming pool, surrounded by a labyrinth of rock lava walkways… flowers and orchids blooming everywhere. Now that you have had a swim you can order refreshing cool tropical drinks and just be in the moment… surrounded by nature and unusual scenic seascape.

Santa Fe Photo Model

Not so fast… take off your watches and simply watch the world go around. Take a relaxing outdoor shower and head back to the cottage for your afternoon nap. Watching the stress leave your body and mind you feel rejuvenated and wonder to yourself why you didn’t do this before. Your next assignment is to have dinner at dusk…how about fresh fish and local vegetables along with a cold beer or a glass of red wine to match the hue of the sunset. Not quite ready to go to bed yet…. you can sing along with karaoke, play pool/billiards, select a great movie from their extensive movie library, use this time just to read a great book or just be.

Outdoor Bar

After a long day of doing absolutely nothing and beginning to yawn… you select a nightcap from their well stocked bar to celebrate the day and it’s lights-out. Nitey nite!

Scenic Walkway

So there you have it! The owners Maia and Klaus have lovingly made the grounds a literal nature flower garden… amongst the lava rocks, set against the sea. They pride theirselves in making sure you have a good stay and want you to have the feeling this is your home away from home… catering to your every need. So why not schedule a vacation to Maia’s Beach Resort and recharge your batteries in a setting fit for the gods.

Lost in Time

Enjoy your vacation in a resort, where the daily life of the Philippines, luxury and nature are connected in a unique and harmonious way. From the bar, the swimming pool, the restaurant and the picnic-cottages you have a beautiful view to the sea, you can enjoy the nature and watch the daily life of the people around. We are well-known for our cleanliness and our good service. Maia and Klaus owners-operators … quoted from their website which is: http://www.maiasbeachresort.de where you can find prices and make reservations. Additional info included below:

EMail: maia.becker@gmx.de
Telephone : (0063) 0917 635 8612 ( Globe)
Handy / Cellphone 0918 57 14 297
Info in Deutschland: (02925) 2684 oder Handy 0179 152 77 66

Nature's Way

QUOTE: Creation is all things and us. It is us in relationship with all things. All things, the ones we see and the ones we do not; the whirling galaxies and the wild suns, the black holes and the microorganisms, the trees and the stars, the fish and the whales – the molten lava and the towering snow-capped mountains, the children we give birth to and their children, and theirs, and theirs, and theirs. ~ Matthew Fox

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Lava rocks, also called igneous rocks, are created when lava or magma solidifies. The name igneous means fire, referring to the rocks’ origin. Igneous rock may form on or below the earth’s surface. Rocks formed below the surface are referred to as intrusive, or plutonic rocks, while those formed above are called extrusive or volcanic rock. The properties of igneous rocks can differ greatly, depending on how they were formed. Igneous rocks are classified into four groups based on their chemical properties; acidic, intermediate, basic, and ultrabasic. They can also be classified by their mineral components, felsic, intermediate, mafic, and ultramafic. These attributes correlate to the chemical properties.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE:Geodes from lava rocks! Luck is on your side… This is your time to find the mother lode and cash in. A geode is a type of hollow rock that, when broken open, reveals crystallized minerals on the inside. Jewelers and collectors alike prize geodes for their natural beauty. These special rocks take millions of years to form and take on many different appearances. You can categorize geodes by their method of formation, their size and shape, the crystals found on the inside and the geode’s place of origin.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Take a charge your battery vacation at Mia’s beach resort on Bantayan Island. You will be glad you did and so will your body and mind.

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

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  1. Dropped by to wish you a fantastic 2012..you entertained through out 2011 with your creative posts..looking forward to many more..All the best.

    I kind of follow this Blog only to see the snaps of the cute lady..however, I end up reading up the stuff and trust me it’s quite interesting

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