Zentraveler asks the question what is Love?

What is Love

What’s love have to do with it anyway? We have been intrigued by love by novels, movies, our parents and religious leaders and yet we somehow still don’t seem to understand what love really is.

Hollywood has made tons of movies just on the power of love – especially the special love that can occur between a man and woman in a romantic relationship. Even hard, tough, grown men can be brought to tears when watching a real well made movie made about the power of love.

The quality of love is truly universal – as it literally transcends people’s, nations, and religions. Love is truly the universal language of this world, and people from all different walks of life recognize it for what it truly is and understand the power that is in it.

So if the quality of love is recognized by all people’s and all nations, then why is it that throughout the course of human history there has been so many wars, so much hatred, so much crime, and so much inhumanity done to our fellow-man? If everyone knows what love is, then how could so many people throughout the course of our human history commit the evil and atrocious acts they have committed?

Even in our present day and age people still have not learned from the past, as there is just as much hatred and evil operating in this world today as there has ever been. The Bible even tells us that the love of many will grow cold in the latter days, which means things are going to actually go from bad to worst in the coming years.

If man really knows what love is, then why can’t more people act, operate, and walk in that love so we can all live in peace and harmony with one another? Why do so many people have to rob, rape, kill, plunder, and steal from one another? No matter what one’s religious beliefs and ideologies may be – there is simply no excuse for some of the horrible barbaric acts of murder, assaults, abductions, robberies, and rapes that we see on an everyday basis.

We all have a spirit, a soul. Love is what keeps it alive. Love is the decision to make a commitment to nurture the spiritual growth of another. Love is word for a phenomenon that exists above everything else in this life. Love is what life is about. Love is what we’re meant to feel. Love is what we’re supposed to do. Love seems to come naturally to all other life on this planet but it seems to come naturally to us human beings to struggle with it, so we try to figure it out. Maybe we should try to figure out why we struggle with love. For each of us that may have its own definition. Jessica Cross from a comment on Merriam Webster dictionary.

I wanted to see if and how it might have been defined or if anyone knew how to define love. I found it not. So, I’ll share the definition of Love. Love defined in one word is forgiveness. For example, what wrong can, will or have you done to yourself that you held against you? Pretty much none of it, because more than likely you love yourself. so you wont hold it against you? If you can’t forgive your mate, child, parent or God? you don’t love them. Without forgiveness, there is no love. Willis Allen · Lanier Senior High School from a comment on Merriam Webster dictionary.

Another take on love: Love is such a subjective term, that you’d have to break it down into context for which use of the word you mean. Of course, they’re all probably chemical reactions in the brain.

I love tacos, and I love beer. I love my wife, but much differently than when we were dating.

Yep, still probably all chemical reactions. Some people want to think of love as something outside of themselves, something spiritual, perhaps. If I can think of a bad analogy, which I’m good at doing, hmmm….the internal combustion engine. We don’t marvel over why it runs, we know that it runs because fuel is burned causing a great amount of energy, pushing pistons that set up other pistons to be pushed by another explosion of energy, and so on. We don’t add all the components to make it work, and then think there must be an external force.

In most of our brains, all the components are there for love, and everything else we experience. Regardless of how one believes they got there. It’s probably more evolutionarily advantageous to “love”. A man loves the woman who finds his stuff for him, so he sticks around for her. A woman loves the weird little creature that just came out of her body, so she nurses it. the kid loves his parents, so he provides them with food when they’re too old to get it, in hopes that his wife’s little weird creature will do the same for them one day. Origin of love? by fromthehills

So there we have it! This we know: love is extremely complicated and extremely simple. If you want to witness love in its purist form… its unconditional love. Do yourself a favor and watch a newborn baby laugh, and watch a new puppy dog follow you around with its circus like antics and guess what… they don’t put any condition on their love…they just give it, which is the way the universe intended us humans to love. We have a lot of work to do. Lets start with the simple act of loving each other and giving one-act of random kindness to everyone we know.

Is Love Real or Imaginary

QUOTE: Do all things with love. —Og Mandino

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: The heart is a common symbol of love. Ancient alchemists used the symbol of the heart for incantations of love. The heart can represent an inverted triangle in which love is poured or carried. In Buddhism, the triangle is an invocation of love energy associated with the divine. The heart can also represent the wings of a dove, which was sacrificed in ancient Israel as a gesture of love and which also served as a symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Trips to the shrink….just love everyone and the world is your oyster.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind ….its universal love!

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

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