Zentraveler on letting the Universe create!

Let the Universe Create

This is heavy stuff, so we shall let the Universe explain it so we no longer neither have the need to prove ourselves and impress our friends and relatives. All of this identity making from the time we were born via our parents, siblings, school teachers, professors, military instructors, masters etc. is really just an extension of I. I just got my black belt in martial arts! I just finished writing a book. I just graduated from Harvard. Me, me, me …see what I have done!

We can’t help ourselves! We trip over ourselves to be self-important. I did this and I did that….are you sure?

This idea entered my head, from where is the question, why not write a book…. my close friends loved for me to tell stories about my travels and such… so I said why not. I couldn’t possibly know what kind of perfect storm I was about to set up with my friends, and business colleagues. They acted like I had terminal cancer. Not to be deterred, I set out to find How Ernest Hemmingway, regarded as one of our best American writers, wrote his books.

Forget talent, its pure discipline was the quote that stuck in my mind. This is true of all great artists and professionals. Hemingway wrote standing up and wrote three or four longhand pages in the morning. Throughout the day he went about his chores and pursued his passion for sport-fishing. He let universal energies free flow and just wrote…. paying attention to spelling, grammar, and sentence structure for the editing session which he performed each afternoon. So if you write x amount of pages five or six days a week soon you will have a manuscript. Of course the quality of the manuscript will have a lot to do with what you know, how well you research the topic and your personal writing skills.

I wondered if this really worked? Heard about writer’s block and all the negatives that I received from my well-intentioned friends and relatives. I decided to jump in and just began writing. As I walked the beach each morning the book started writing itself… giving me plenty of material to get to the writing part when I returned to my study! I knew at that moment who the real creator was and it was not me. It is the Universe! In fact James Michener said: “to be a writer was a curse… you had so much stuff in your head your real job was to put it on paper and edit most of it out.”

We speak of years of study, possibly living in a monastery to achieve enlightenment, which really is just allowing your mind to slow down and let the universe do it naturally or You can have instant enlightenment simply by following universal law and tapping into the greatest computer in the Universe. If You want to witness life’s miracles simply watch nature unfold with its beautiful butterflies, colorful fishes, outrageous flowers, and then you realize you are a part of this natural explosion and so is everyone and everything else ever created on this Universe.

So get over yourself, drop your ego, and let the Universe become a conduit through you… instead of just I, and Me. And if so maybe you will join the ranks of Einstein and help make another amazing discovery.

Life's Creation

QUOTE: The natural being acts as an outcome of the movement of the universe, in the same way that an artist’s brush is moved by its “universe”.

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: The Universe is the totality of all space, time, matter and energy. Our earth is a tiny island of matter and energy, in the vast ocean of space time, which the universe is! Just as they say, truth is stranger than fiction and so it is with the universe. The things that our scientists have found in the vast realms beyond our planet are unbelievable and beyond imagination.


ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Let the universe create….It has an impressive track record.

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

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