Zentraveler on Qi-gong Swimming Dragon!

Swimming Dragon

I was traveling in Venezuela, South America and staying on the island of Margarita when I had the chance opportunity to meet a Qi-gong expert who gave me several sessions and told me if I wanted to eliminate all sorts of allegeries, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. it was imperative to build up my immune system by practicing Qi-gong.

I was so impressed with this instructor that I was ready to move into his house for several months and live and breathe the Qi-gong lifestyle. His luncheon and dinners looked like a combination salad bar and fresh fruit market. He informed me he was a strict vegetarian for many years and neither he nor his family had any illnesses for as long as he could remember. He was leaving the area with a group of students and invited me back to become a member of his household… until I mastered the essence of Qi-gong. As they say: “timing is everything” and I had to return to the states to settle some business matters, but here I am living on Bantayan Island in the Philippines and I practive Qi-Gong every day for five minutes and feel fortunate to have met a master-instructor who had mastered the tecqniques to live a bountiful life.

What exactly is Qi-gong? There is plenty of information on the internet about Qi-gong, but Qi is life-energy and by practicing Qi-gong you are revitalizing your life-energy batteries and building up your immune system… so that your body naturally fights off every disease that heads your way!

Swimming Dragon Qigong, an ancient Taoist form that imitates the serpent-like movements of a dragon swimming in the sea. When practiced 20 minutes daily, this simple one-minute form balances the metabolism, glandular secretions and circulation of blood, lymph and body fluids, while promoting life-long health and inner peace.

Reputed to be the most effective Qigong for balancing body weight, the sinuous movements of the form help control the appetite, slenderize the waist and mobilize fats and toxins into lymphatic drainage. It keeps the spine and joints supple and pain-free, and massages the internal organs for an overall tonic and rejuvenating effect.

My friend a dentist in Steamboat Springs, Colorado was an avid runner pounding the payment and eventually had to have both knees replaced in a fancy operation in California. These high impact exercises even though they have good cardiac benefits can be very stressful to your joints and bones and cause major problems down the road.

So there you have it! Why not incorporate Qi-gong into your daily regimen and recharge your batteries!

How to do the Swimming Dragon Qi-gong exercise? The key to this highly benefical exercise is to do it daily for maximum benefits. Don’t tell me you can’t spare five minutes a day! I know you can!

You can do this exercise anywhere, in a wheelchair, at the home for the elderly, in a hospital, in the military, at your workplace, in a hotel room, and in the privacy of your home. You start by slowing swinging your left arm to the right with the head turning right-then put your opposite hand flat against your belly. Then drop your left hand against your belly and swing your right arm to your left with your head turning left then repeat for five minutes. If you don’t have a watch count to 170 movements …and that all there is to this very powerful energizer. It’s like hooking up to the energizer bunny and your wound up for a new life every single day! Wow wow eeee.. Qi gong, Qi gong!

QUOTE:The key to happiness is Gratitude, Patience, and Compassion. There is no evil greater than anger and no virtue greater than patience. (Shantideva)

But patience takes practice!

The next time someone harms, frustrates or annoys you, STOP. Say thank you and be Grateful for the opportunity to practice Patience. Be Grateful that it was not worse and feel Compassion for those who are worse off. Then, with a calm peaceful mind, allow your natural wisdom to determine the best course of action.

Be happy and at peace. Harmony is the real goal.

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW:Qi gong (pronounced chee-GONG) is an ancient Chinese healing art, philosophy and spiritual belief that combines gentle movements, deep breathing, self-massage, mediation and variety of other practices to exploit qi. Qi means “vital energy” and gong means “cultivate.”

Qi gong forms the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, several martial arts, and unexplained powers. Considered a “national treasure,”’ qi gong is supported by the government. It is sometimes thought of as a kind of faith healing.

Qi gong has many supernatural associations. Qi gong masters are said to be able to perform healing massages without touching the body, ignite fires with forces generated by their hands and fill entire lecture halls with uplifting positive energy particles. There is a story of ku fu master in the early 1900s who was harassed by a foreigner on a horse and killed the horse by laying his hands on the animal and disrupting its internal organs with qi.

Qi gong has been credited with improving scores on university entrance exams and locating victims under collapsed buildings. Some qigong masters attribute their powers to black holes, gamma rays, and antimatter.

Book: The Way of Qigong by Kenneth Cohen (Ballantine Books).

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE:Your Temper! What good is it anyway? You be the judge!

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Begin each day by giving gratitude for what you have and do a simple five-minute exercise of The Swimming Dragon Qi-gong for the rest of your life. You can do it anywhere and you don’t need to join a fancy gym or lift weights until you burst your guts… you simply spread your legs…. shoulder width and begin the rhythmic slow swing of the swimming dragon.

So there you have it! An excercise for life that can improve your joints, bones and immune system. What’s not to like—seeing your fellow Americans think you either are losing it or are really on to something!

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone!

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  1. so why not try “herbs america maca magic”?


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