Zentraveler takes on the persona of Chinese Monkey-King!

Chinese Monkey King

We are all actors just playing out our roles. We were told since we were young we can be anything we want to be …that’s why I decided to try out for the role of Chinese Monkey King. I knew I wouldn’t have much competition and maybe I have finally found my niche after all these years. A brilliant poet, and businessman once said: “keep em guessing.” So with no further adieu I shall begin my transformation into the Chinese Monkey-King!.

Being human can really be a drag. I slowly shed my human suit as a snake sheds his skin and I begin to see unlimited possibilities. So what if they call me an animal …that’s what I am and I really like it! I have senses that are 1000 times more powerful than a mere human and I can walk around, run, lie down, and go for a swim anytime I want. I never pay taxes, I eat anytime I want, and my house costs nothing! I do not tie myself down with silly looking electronics… since I am universerally connected on a much higher level than earthings will ever be.

I especially like the part of surprise… where I run swiftly along the river banks and scare the hell out of anyone who gets in my way! I like the part where I can enter into as many dimensions as I want simply by using my pure natural instinct of carnal knowledge. I do not need a map, a compass, gps, loran, or high tech military laser beams. I have highly developed expert navigational skills… which are connected to a much higher level than a humanoid could ever imagine.

I dream in Technicolor and easily spiral through and beyond the black hole into mathamatical rolling universes that make earth look like a mudpie at best. I am glad that I am the animal that I am and invite anyone who would like to join my endeavors to log in from time to time just to see what Zentravelers up to.

After reviewing the literature of The Chinese Monkey King it soon became evident that some of the very things the classic Chinese Monkey King was into were catapulting in warp speed in my nightly dream patterns

One of the most famous characters in classical Chinese literature is the Monkey King, the main character of the epic novel Journey to the West. In China, the Monkey King is known as Sun Wukong and is famed for his great strength.

What makes the Monkey King interesting, though, is that he’s not a one-sided hero. What makes him one of the most remarkable characters in the Chinese cultural tradition is that he struggled against his own trickster nature before finding salvation, perfectly reflecting the human condition.

The Monkey King’s mischievous nature could perhaps be traced from the fact that he was born from a mythical stone formed from the the primal forces of chaos. With chaos as a parent, who can blame him for displaying a stubborn streak?

The stone was located on Huaguo Shan – mountain of flowers and fruit – where a lot of demons and monkeys lived. The Monkey King joined a clan of monkeys and became their king after he found them a new home behind a large waterfall. In a gesture totally in line with his character, the Monkey King called himself Mei Houwang, or the “handsome monkey king.”

Soon, though, reigning over his clan proved insufficient for our adventurous hero. He decided that he wanted to become immortal and left his home to travel to civilized lands. In his travels, he learned human speech and manners. Eventually, he became the disciple of the Buddhist Patriarch Bodhi.

Bodhi was reluctant to take the Monkey King as a disciple at first because, well, he was a monkey after all. But the Monkey King impressed him with his determination. It was actually Bodhi who gave him the name Sun Wukong, which refers to his origins as a monkey (Sun); Wukong means “aware of emptiness.”

”The Monkey King soon became one of Bodhi’s favorite disciples. Bodhi’s teachings helped the Monkey King learn powerful magic such as shapeshifting – which enabled him to transform into people and objects – and cloud-traveling – which allowed him to cover as much as 54,000 km in a single somersault. Even the hair on his body possessed magic powers, allowing him to transform each of the 84,000 strands into an inanimate object or weapon. He could even turn them into his clones!

His magical skills led him to start boasting to the other disciples, which in turn caused Bodhi to cast him out as a disciple.

Undeterred, the Monkey King went back to his mountain home where he established himself as one of the most powerful demons. Deciding that a demon of his might and influence needed a weapon, the Monkey King traveled to the undersea palace of Dragon King of the East Sea. There, he acquired the Ruyi Jingu Bang, an iron rod that weighs over 7.5 metric tons.

The rod, legend says, was first used by Yu the Great, the legendary founder of the Xia dynasty, to measure the oceans. Yu, one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Deities, later used it as the “Pillar that pacified the oceans.” Not surprisingly, he is the mythological ruler credited with teaching the Chinese about flood control.

The Ruyi Jingu Bang was such a powerful weapon that it could change size, multiply itself and fight however its master wanted. When the Monkey King first approached it, the pillar started to glow, signifying that its rightful master had arrived.

The Monkey King had found his weapon and with it tucked in his ear – he shrinks the rod to the size of a sewing needle when he’s not using it – he had the whole of creation to conquer.

The Chinese Monkey King is an indeed rebellious extraordinary being, born out of a rock, fertilized by the grace of Heaven, Being extremely smart and capable, he learned all the magic tricks and gongfu from a master Taoist,being able to transform himself into seventy-two different images such as a tree, a bird, a beast of prey or a bug as small as a mosquito so as to sneak into an enemy’s belly to fight him inside or out. Using clouds as a vehicle he can travel 180,000 miles a single somersault and a huge iron bar that supposedly serves as ballast of the seas and can expand or shrink at its owner’s command as his favorite weapon in his later feats. He claims to be the king in defiance of the only authority over heaven, the seas, the earth and the subterranean world.—china-on-sitecom

So there you have it..if you want a new persona simply do some research and begin to transform yourself and watch the magic unfold before your eyes,

QUOTE:”Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Einstein

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Chinese Monkey King is a god in Chinese Mythology!

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From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone!

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