Zentraveler explores less is more!

Less is More

We should be able to hold in our hand all of our possessions. If you have more than that maybe its time to do a deep cleanse and get rid of all of those unnecessary possessions. I shipped several boxes to my brother living in Washington DC. area and gave away all sorts of things like a mac computer to my valued friend …the rest I gave to church groups and goodwill like collection stores. Good riddens I muttered as the clutter started to leave.

I left the country with three complete sets of light-weight clothing packed into one travel bag and a medium size back-pack. I added a g10 cannon digital camera as my one luxury item! A great feeling of freedom flows in and you feel lighter and are definitely not burdened down to become a caretaker of all your stuff. Can you imagine how much more time you would have if you did not need to hassle with cable tv, electric and gas bills, replacing your aging electronics and kitchen appliances, cleaning your chimney, mowing your vain yard, replacing gutters, fixing everything in sight …..as if your garage was a direct showcase of Builders Square or Walmart.

My carbon footprint shrank to a mere blimp on the earth compared to even Al Gore’s electric bill ( who I really admire).

They did a study on the ten happiest people on this earth and not one of them was even a millionaire, billionaire or had wealth as a priority. I spent five hours talking to a man who lived in a six by ten house made of driftwood from the sea. And he burst out and declared “of course I am happy I have a good place to sleep, I have my yams that I planted all around the house, I have several chickens, one hog and all the fish and fresh seafood I can eat.” He had a beautiful Costa Rican flag hanging off the coconut tree in front of his house and built a small platform where he told me he simply sat for hours watching the world go by.

Of course each person has to decide what is important and essential for their lifestyle. But if you really think about it…. is our house and lifestyle with all of that stuff a burden or would you like to clean house and concentrate more on what is important to you. Food for thought!

QUOTE: When we are young we lost our health to gain wealth. When we are old we lost our wealth to gain back our health. Why not chose healthy lifestyle and skip the unnecessary yo yo curve.

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Multi-tasking can actually lower your IQ! A monk is certainly not lazy! They awake at five am and work all day completing tasks. However, they don’t run around like a chicken with their head cut-off trying to do everything in the universe in one day! They keep life simple and take enormous pride in their work…and dedicate most of their life to serving other people.


ZENTRAVELER SAYS:Enough is a feast! –Buddhist proverb

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! …and on and on and on.

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