Zentraveler on the health benefits of watermelon!

In the USA watermelon becomes synonymous with summer picnics, family reunions and summer time eating!
Now with the advance of export markets world-wide you can enjoy melons all of the year from your favorite fruit stand or supermarket.

Aside from watermelon’s thirst quenching taste it has many health benefits. It is green on the outside. It is part of the cucurbitadae family. The edible part is inside the watermelon and has a red pinkish color. Watermelon comes in many forms. You can buy seedless, baby, and regular watermelons at your local supermarket.

Health Benefits

energy production
protects against macular degeneration
fights heart disease
loaded with antioxidants
reduces the risk of cancer
prevents erectile dysfunction
good source of vitamins and minerals
Energy Production

Watermelon is concentrated with b-vitamins. B-vitamins are responsible for alot of your body’s energy production. This means eating watermelon can give you substantial energy. It also has high amounts of the the energizing nutrients magnesium and potassium. Eating watermelon is a safe alternative to taking energy drinks prior to exercise. It also hydrates you due to its high water content as opposed to caffeine filled energy drinks that dehydrate you.


Watermelon is a natural source of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. It is a good source of the antioxidant vitamins C and A. It is also a good source of the powerful antioxidant beta-carotene. Watermelon’s antioxidants can help prevent a number of things. It reduces the risk of colon cancer, asthma, heart disease, osteoperosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and prostate cancer.

Antioxidannts should be a staple in everyone’s diet. They provide health benefits that other nutrients cannot. When it comes to things that are benefiticial to your health antioxidants are at the top of the list. They are better than vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and any other nutrient because they have so many benefits. If you do not take some sort of antioxidant whether it be through food or something else you should consider incoporating a food that contains antioxidants or supplement with them. You can buy all sorts of antioxiant drinks. This is one of the biggest health benefits of watermelon.

Macular Degeneration

Eating watermelon can protect against the negative effects of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is just a fancy word for loss of vision. It fights the age-related symptoms of vision loss. Studies show that eating watermelon is actually healthy for your eyes than eating carrots. That is true in both short-term and long-term vision loss.

Cancer Fighting Properties

Supplementing watermelon into your diet can help prevent and fight cancer. It does this because of its rich antioxidant profile. The antioxidants of the watermelon are very concentrated and kill the cancer causing free radicals. They especially help prevent heart and colon cancers. Of all health benefits of watermelon this is probably the most significant one. Any food that fights cancer provides great health benefits.

Nutrient Profile Per Serving

Vitamin A: 10%
Vitamin C: 25%
Vitamin B6: 10%
Vitamin B1: 10%
Magnesium: 7%
Potassium: 5%
The health benefits of watermelon are largely attributed to its nutrients. Vitamin C is the main nutrient of watermelon and is one of the strongest antioxidants of any kind. Magnesium is one of most important minerals of the human diet. Magnesium diffeciency has negative effects.


The watermelon was first cultivated in Egypt. It was a very sought after fruit in egypt. Some heiroglyphics suggest that it was put in the tombs of some pharoahs. It is thought that the watermelon was so heavily sought after in egypt because of its high water content. The hydration that eating watermelon is probaly the reason it was so heavily regarded due to egypts hot weather, lack of water, and deserts. Many people probaly depended on watermelon as a primary water source. After all watermelon is 92% water. The health benefits of watermelon have been know about for a long time. It is not just a recent find. hubpages.com

QUOTE:”Once you have tasted watermelon you know what the angels eat” Mark Twain

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: China is now the biggest producer of watermelons in the world.
Contrary to popular belief, eating the black seeded watermelon seeds does not cause a watermelon to grow in your stomach! Over 1,200 varieties of watermelon are grown worldwide. All parts of the watermelon are edible including the skin and the seeds.

Watermelon skiing is just one of the many wild and wacky activities undertaken at the Chinchilla Melon Festival in Queensland. Chinchilla produces 25% of all the melons sold in Australia and celebrates every two years with the now well known Chinchilla Melon Festival. Over 1000 watermelons, rockmelons and honeydews are provided throughout the festival for melon skiing, melon eating and melon games.

The Melon Games which include Melon Bungy, Melon Bullseye, Melon Feasting and the hilarious Melon Skiing are held on the Saturday of the festival weekend.

The highlight of the watermelon festival was an attempt at the world record of “Splitting Watermelons” which was adjudicated by Mr Chris Sheedy from Guinness World Records.

29-year-old John Allwood, a local melon picker, head-butted 40 watermelons in less than a minute to claim the title of world champion.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: watermelon seeds! My friend bob from Florida claims the easiest way to making a million dollars is to plant a field of watermelons! Of course you must purchase the land or lease it, purchase a large tractor, put in an engineered irrigation system, hire workers to pick the watermelons, have a huge truck to haul the watermelons, sell the watermelons to large establishments which requires a food broker, commission
ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Eat more watermelon!

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  1. Water melon is not just really refreshing and tasty but it’s also nutritious. It’s tasty and delicious when you mix it with ice and evaporated milk specially this summer season. Go can have and enjoy it with your friends under the heat of the sun.^_^

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  3. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday.
    It will always be useful to read through articles from other writers and practice something from their sites.

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