Zentraveler on writing your first book or novel!

So you want to be a writer and write your first novel. I have a question do you really want to be a writer or is this just good coffee-house gossip. If you really want to write a book you can start right now and have it finished in no-time. The only thing that is holding you back is you… not your teachers, not your friends, not your relatives. It’s as easy as planting corn. Sure every crop doesn’t turn out perfect, but if you really want to write a book, the only thing you need to do is to decide on the subject matter and begin writing.

Hemingway a master in literature had the ability to write clear, concise, descriptive, sentences. He would start out with a skeleton outline, work out a plot line and develop his characters as he wrote. All successful writers rely on what they know. Where did you grow up? I bet there are plenty of good characters spread throughout your home town. When James Mitchner wrote the novel “Hawaii” he moved there and researched every square inch of the islands. He interviewed local people, went to the local libraries, ask folks about their history and their experiences, and tapped into their storytelling practices. When he finished the manuscript and had it published it was evident that the book he lived and breathed went on to be a best seller and it is still highly regarded as one of the best reads in the world.

Hemingway knew everything there was to know about bull-fighting. He traveled with bullfighters, drank with them and studied their craft. So it was no big surprise that when he wrote the novel “The Sun also Rises” it was a literary masterpiece. Don’t let all of this literature talk stop you from writing your first book. If you truly have a desire to write about your dog, how to raise goldfish, how to write a blog … there’s nothing stopping you but yourself.

Creativity is rarely taught yet we all have it. Just walk through a child’s playground some day and you will see plenty of it. Adults are the ones who stymie your creativity. They also have to keep us in line in a well organized society. Throughout history it has always been the artists, the writers, and the thinkers who were killed because they were such a threat to the status quo. By the time we reach adulthood we give up nearly 80 percent of our creativity. The good news is you can re-awaken your creativity simply by being inquisitive and doing a lot of reading— which stimulates ideas and pictures in your mind.

You can be one with the creator. Trust me on this one. He will even write your novel for you and doesn’t even require credit. It would be nice to at least give the creator a footnote, but he won’t help you much with grammar and punctuation. You can probably hire a robot for these chores in today’s electronic world…or better yet let your editor do it! Ha Ha!!!

Everyone has a great novel or good book title inside them somewhere. Why not get started today and write that novel. Who knows you could be the next Harry Potter sensation or Hemingway and at least you can go thorough life with one more milestone. The joke on the street is you can’t buy groceries if you live in New York and haven’t written at least one book or novel.

You can write fiction and use your crazy old aunt as a great character, the one legged fellow down the street who you were positive was the murder….but could never prove it.

Einstein was the one responsible for saying creativity is where it is at –forget all of the formulas do something creative. You can write a good blog, you can play an instrument, you can become a painter, you can create anything you want and can find support when you surround yourself with other creative types. You can find these folks by joining clubs, taking writing classes, asking questions and deciding this is what I want. Einstein would picture it and then do it—-creativity is that simple.

Don’t worry about the words they will just pop in your head, don’t worry about spelling and grammar just let it flow and decide to write about 300 words per day. Hemingway would write a few hours early in the morning and would return late afternoon where he would fine tune and edit what he wrote earlier in the day. So in reality writing a book is all about mathematics. Three hundred words per day turns into 1500 words per week, which is 6000 words per month and soon you have a completed manuscript. I f you can write one word, you can write a book.

The secret is to set up a discipline of say writing two hours each morning and then do a rewrite on the same material for about an hour that same day. So there you have it If you have that burning desire to write a book— get started today and by the time I finish writing the Zentraveler Blog you will have it published and be sitting on the beach sipping mint juleps with your laptop computer watching the world go by.

Oh I forgot one thing! You may need to do a book tour and of course there’s another novel floating around inside your head which just has to be typed and so on and so on. Mitchner said: “once you become a writer you can’t stop the creative process even if you wanted too! ”

Instant recap to write a book or novel:
1. chose a title
2. use an outline
3. create table of contents to illustrate names and numbers of each chapter
4. develop plot or storyline by research or create
5. set aside a time-frame —example four months
6. write 300 words per day and then edit
7……done good job

QUOTE: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” —–Albert Einstein

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Google says The Library of Congress has 18 million books on file.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Your notes and research. Editors like this sort of thing for verification

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Write that book, write that novel, but whatever you do keep writing!!!

From here to Infinity is a relatively short ride! The next leg takes eons and eons as you fly through the Barycentric Dynamical Time Zone! and on and on and on.

Follow the Zentraveler Blog often for Travel, Health and Zen-like stories and such. Where else can you get a three in one blog for the price of free?


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One response to “Zentraveler on writing your first book or novel!

  1. atawords

    Just what I needed to read, after posting a Preface on the book I want to start writing on my blog, (I figured I might as well write it in public, since I heard the first few books from any author are crap, noone will want to steal it.) And hey, I might even join you in your quest of Zen-navigating the world, it looks like just my kinda fantasy (an very Dirk Gently of you, I might add)

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