Zentraveler on the fable of letting go!

What in the blazes are you trying to do my self talk says? You know you can’t take it with you. Then why in the world are trying to and hang on to all of this stuff? One of the famous Zen practices is to imagine yourself floating down a river and not trying to hold on or to obstruct the float. Just let go and free float. Ok— close your eyes and try it. Wow that’s amazing their we go floating down the river without giving any resistance. As the French would say: “La Resistance!” It’s the resistance that’s causing you all of your unhappiness and pain. As soon as you learn to let go you connect with your free spirit inside and things change for the better. It’s maybe our most important Universal Law!

We are on a very long float —- just spinning with the eddies and traveling with the current taking in all of the marvelous natural sights. We are floating on our backs and are going with the flow. It’s amazing what you see as you read the auras of the green trees against the blue sky. Lying straight down like an otter we shoot the next set of rapids. A dragonfly shows off just above us as we continue on our journey. Wow that’s pretty cool— just think of the birds and the sky divers how free they must feel as they float along. Look Ma – no hands!!

We can have baggage and plenty of it. If you want to get rid of the baggage and wipe the slate clean you can do that. You can start with the prayer: Let go! Let God! If you really made this a part of your daily life you are in essence transforming your holding on to past grudges, injustices, and wrongs— caused by others. It happens to everyone, But it only takes hold if you give it merit.

By simply stating: “Let go Let God” you take all of the air out of your childhood and current hanging on to misery, prejudice, worry, and a life crippled with pain. You could probably save about a trillion dollars at the shrinks couch if you would just concentrate on the phrase: “let go let god!

If it is something really personal and bothersome you can write down your complaints and injustices and simply dedicate a personal ceremony to get rid of these bothersome intrusions into your life by sending them off in a balloon, cut them up with scissors or give only five minutes per day to these issues until you are free. That’s it in a nutshell. Let go let god!

The Fable of Letting Go

“A rose withered. A bee however was still sucking on it because she had sucked honey from it before. Now, on the same rose, all she could suck out was bitter, poisonous juice. The bee felt the difference as it was so sweet before. She became miserable and complained and complained, why did the taste change? Why couldn’t it be just like before? Finally, one day, the bee gathered her strength and flew a bit higher. Then and there, she saw that, nearby the withered rose, there were blossoming flowers all over the place.” —–translated from Chinese by walkingbetween.com

QUOTE: “The wise people of old who Took goodness as their way Possessed marvelously Subtle powers of penetration; They were so deep that None could plumb their mind, And, on this account, if forced
To describe them we can only Say that they moved cautiously Like people fording a river;

The wise people of old whoTook goodness as their wayWere retiring as though shy Their conduct to all was Respectful as though to Honored guests; they could adapt themselves Like ice melting before a fire;
They were artless As blocks of uncarved wood.”

lao tzu——dailyzen.com

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: By the simple act of Letting Go you are transforming your life.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Nothing! Become less so you can be more!

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: You are what you think! You better change your self-talk from time to time or your motor will wear out.

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