Zentraveler on unlocking the secret of Zen!

I saw a 9 year old kid who just got a new $98.00 game. The parents told me he had to have it.
They also told me they couldn’t understand the game because it was too complicated and couldn’t help him out when he got in a jam. After the parents exited the shop he told me he loved the new game and was the best gamer on his block. He reached in his back pocket and showed me the cheaters version of the game, which can be learned in minutes as opposed to hours, days, weeks, months, and even years.

If I told you ZEN was it—- would you believe me? We all have our own ideas of what Zen is and wouldn’t it be nice to live in a Zen world. I have news for you as Obama would say: “Yes you can.”

Your world can be as Zen as you want it. After-all you are not your past and you are not your future. You are now! I know what you are thinking. My now is too dam complicated and really sucks. I have a question for you? Who determines your now? I hope the answer is you! Because if you are marching to someone else’s drum you will never have eternal peace or at least what you envisioned for yourself within this life-span. ZEN-UP!

The more you search, pray, learn mantras, rock back in forth in a religious frenzy, struggle and wallow in just plain hell the farther you are from just being—–which is the essence of Zen. JUST BE! Like the kid— why struggle when you can have a shortcut to the good stuff. It’s possible. It’s all in there. It’s all a part of this great universe. All you have to do is find it.

Need some help? I found the writings of D.T. Suzuki “An introduction To Zen Buddhism”, which is more or less like the kid’s cheater book. He has most of the answers and believe it or not anyone can use this as their life primer on learning the true meaning of Zen.

“Zen has nothing to do with letters, words, or sutras. It only requests you to grasp the point directly and therein to find your peaceful abode. When the mind is disturbed, the understanding is stirred, things are recognized, notions are entertained, ghostly spirits are conjured, and prejudices grow rampant. Zen will then forever be lost in the maze.”—–D.T. Suzuki

“The wise Sekiso (Shih-shuang) said, ‘Stop all your hankerings; let the mildew grow on your lips; make yourself like unto a perfect piece of immaculate silk; let your one thought be eternity; let yourself be like the dead ashes, cold and lifeless; again let yourself be like an old censer in a deserted village shrine!’

“Put your simple faith in this, discipline yourself accordingly; let your body and mind be turned into an inanimate object of nature like a stone or a piece of wood; when a state of perfect motionlessness and unawareness is obtained all the signs of life will depart and also every trace of limitation will vanish. Not a single idea will disturb your consciousness, when lo! All of a sudden you will come to realize the light abounding in full gladness. It is like coming across the light in thick darkness; it is like receiving treasure in poverty. The four elements and the five aggregates are no more felt as burdens; so light, so easy, so free you are. Your very existence has been delivered from all limitations; you have become open, light, and transparent.

You gain an illuminating insight into the very nature of things, which now appear to you as so many fairylike flowers having no graspable realities. Here is manifested the unsophisticated self which is the original face of your being; here is shown all bare the most beautiful landscape of your birthplace. There is but one straight passage open and unobstructed through and through.

This is so when you surrender all — your body, your life, and all that belongs to your inmost self. This is where you gain peace, ease, non-doing, and inexpressible delight. All the sutras and shastras are no more than communications of this fact; all the sages, ancient as well as modern, have exhausted their ingenuity and imagination to no other purpose that to point the way to this. It is like unlocking the door to a treasury; when the entrance is once gained, every object coming into your view is yours, every opportunity that presents itself is available for your use; for are they not, however multitudinous, all possessions obtainable within the original being of yourself? Every treasure there is but waiting for your pleasure and utilization. This is what is meant by ‘Once gained, eternally gained, even unto the end of time.’ Yet really there is nothing gained; what you have gained is no gain, yet there is something truly gained in this”. D.T. Suzuki

So there you have it! All you have to do is to begin and just by the act of beginning you have opened door after door until you go through the magic door and all is yours and a part of the universe which is forever. So for those of you who have been searching for the answer. It’s been right inside you from birth and if you want to help make this a better planet you can help spread the word from one thought to one family, to one nation, to one universe times a derivative of 50 googleplex plus 6,320,430 digits to the 9nth power. And all you thought was I’ll read this blog, but wow— maybe I could make a difference.

QUOTE: “Just as the soft rains fill the streams, Pour into the rivers, And join together in the oceans, So many the power of every moment Of your goodness flow forth to awaken And heal all beings; Those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.”

– Traditional Buddhist blessing——dailyzen.com

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: It’s all right there within us. It’s not somewhere else— so stop looking. As they say in the computer world—-get connected. To yourself that is.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Nothing! Don’t even think it! Get rid of that stuff internal and external so you can move to the next level.


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