Zentraveler reveals benefits of The Grizzly Bear Diet!

Bare with me as we explore the reasons Bears don’t have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems and all of the diseases that effect man from a western diet. A lot of humans have been following one part of The Grizzly Bear Diet and that part is to load up and put the pounds on before winter. Only one problem humans don’t hibernate. They do the opposite! Once the feed bag starts they keep loading up all through the winter, through the spring, through the summer, and through the fall. Now you got a miserable Bear walking around!

So unless you can self-adjust your metabolism or have a food eating regime made of steel— the only way you can beat the western diet syndrome is to make food choice changes that will add years to your life. If you have ever examined the stool of a bear you will see it consists of berries, nuts, and plenty of fiber. Oh yes— Bears do not get colonoscopies, partial stomach removals, botox injections, artery by-pass surgery, prostrate removal, nose jobs, and breast implants.

So unless you want to yo yo like the hibernating bear the proper way to eat is to eat reasonable size meals and get lots of exercise. So there you have it! If you want to add years to your life, and stay away from the dreaded western diseases, you should do yourself a favor and go on The Grizzly Bear Diet—– which consists mainly of wild salmon, berries, nuts, greens, and plenty of pure mountain spring water.

What do Grizzly Bears get out of this diet? Big, strong, healthy, specimens who are in perfect shape with the exception of the ones who have learned to adopt the western diet and dumpster dive. Stay on the Grizzly Bear Diet and some will say you are at least as smart as a Bear. Now in this fast paced electronic world—- that is saying something.


Three small blueberry pancakes with pure maple syrup
one glass of orange juice
one piece of wheat toast with blackberry jam
one small cup of yogurt with fresh red raspberries


Wild Salmon cakes with avocado and tomato
one cup of Ginseng Tea
Watercress salad


Wild Salmon Filet grilled
Wild rice or sweet potato
Spinach salad w raspberry vinaigrette
large glass of mountain spring water with lemon wedge


One bowl of bran cereal with fresh blueberries and soy milk and all of the oatmeal
you can eat.

Bon Appetit! For variety you can switch to large garden salads with oranges and fruits, select many different types of fish including: sardines, and when you are really hungry or want an extra pick-me-up —you can eat trail-mix nuts and drink pure mountain water, which will not only quench your thirst, but also act as a filler and you won’t be hungry. Hungry as a bear that is!

QUOTE: “Only when the mind is settled can it become quiet. Only when the mind is quiet can it become still. Only when the mind is still can it see. And only when the mind can see, Can it reach the mystery of mysteries. This is the process that anyone who Practices has to go through. How long it takes is up to the individual.”

– Yen-ch’eng—–dailyzen.com

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: What animal’s favorite game is Bellywhopping? The frisky little otter, who lives on the banks of lakes and streams, is not much of a worker, but is a great player. While its neighbor on land, the beaver, is busy building dams, the otter builds slides on snowy slopes for its favorite game – bellywhopping.

The otter has a smooth stomach which slides better than a toboggan, and a long, flat tail which serves as a steering rudder. The playful otters wait for, each other to slide down, then they climb up again for the next slide. But the best fun comes when they slide down their snow hill right into the icy water. —–bigsiteofamazingfacts.com

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Round oatmeal boxes! They make excellent outside planters and will eventually bio-degrade.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Grin and Bear it—then stay on the Grizzly Bear Diet for a healthy lifestyle.

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