Zentraveler slept with the Jersey Devil!

Just when you thought life couldn’t throw anymore curve-balls your car breaks down in the Jersey Swamp! It’s pouring down rain as you search for cover. You are one miserable dude. You know that this misery is some-kind of Zen Karma chasing you. You might as well go with the flow. You could easily freeze to death or catch pneumonia or hypothermia. My fingers are tingling as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. She is big and furry chasing me into the labyrinth— I can barely run! She is catching up to me as I run in slow motion. My legs are exhausted as if caught in a 6 foot snowdrift or a bear-trap. I an breathing hard and fear this is the end.

Sugarplums dancing in my head as I am invited through the secret briar patch door to sample some home cooking and finally get warm. Animal like characters dressed in tuxedo tails took their places as they began to dance around the campfire. If you promise you won’t give up our location you can spend the night with the Jersey She- Devil! Half human- half animal there she stood in her natural beauty as she traversed through the fire as if it was cotton candy. Is this a nightmare, a bad dream or is it real? What is real? I think I’ll grab another peanut-butter sandwich and go back to bed or am I heading to the other-side.

Whoever said life is a journey wasn’t kidding! I am what I am— what I am!

QUOTE: “Inside the sacred fence before which I bow there must be a pond filled with clear water; As my mind-moon becomes bright I see its shadow reflected in the water.”

– Daito Kokushi dailyzen.com

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Why do Cannibals eat people? To civilized people, the practice of cannibalism, or eating human flesh, is a horrible thought! Yet it was practiced by many primitive tribes and may still be practiced in some parts of the world today.

These tribes didn’t eat human flesh because they liked it; they did it because it was usually part of a religious observance or part of a sacred ceremony.—–bigsiteofamazingfacts.com

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Your Dreams! Be like Sigmund Freud and keep a pad on your night-stand and immediately jot down any dream occurrences. These dream sequences can be later used for dream analysis and maybe someday you will wake up.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Is life real or a dream? Possibly a combination little Grasshopper! Now get back to your chores and your Zen meditation practice.

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