Zentraveler zeroes in on Enzymes!

Without the growth of your cells you are dead! Enzymes are simply live food versus dead food. Anything cooked above 112 degrees loses it’s ability to be of much benefit and actually causes a drain on your digestive system— making it work so hard to break it down. As this sludge accumulates you eventually become sick and may need to be hospitalized. They found a person believed to be 150 years old who had a perfectly clean colon and you can bet he was getting plenty of enzymes.

You can get your enzymes naturally by eating raw, steamed, and poached foods— which not only aids in digestion but also assists in making new cells. The other alternative is to add enzymes from the health food store to help assist in your digestion and cell building process.

You can take some enzymes with meals and others on a regular basis i.e. in the morning or at night before you go to bed. Ask you health food store which digestive enzymes they recommend. It’s never to late to start a new program and why not start today to help jump-start your system to get back on track.

All diseases can be cured by it’s own bodily system— if it just has the proper balance and enhancement. When things are bogged down you need to eat raw foods and use enzyme supplements. If you could only afford or use one item in the entire health food store, I would recommend using the enzyme supplement to help keep your system free from disease. Look at it like adding a new oil change. You certainly wouldn’t run your automobile one million miles without getting an oil change. You would end up with sludge and finally the engine would slow down and eventually conk out.

My neighbor wanted to lose 10 pounds to attend her friends wedding. I told her to eat spinach salads, lettuce salads, and anything that was fresh and would break down easily in your body. At night while watching TV she chewed on carrots and celery instead of saturated fats. Within three weeks she reported to me she lost exactly 10 pounds, had lots of energy and felt like a new person. The proof is not always in the pudding. So if I were you, I would lay off the haggis, meat puddings, shepherds pies, and convert immediately to eating heaps of raw foods with lots of enzymes.

QUOTE: “For thirty years I searched for the sword. Often I watched leaves fall and branches send forth shoots. But from the moment I saw peaches bloom, No further doubts.”

– Ling –yun (d. 729)——dailyzen.com

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: How important Enzymes are to your overall health.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Doctor’s and Hospital bills from eating crud!

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Eat raw foods and rev up your live Enzymes for a healthy life.

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