Zentraveler takes on the personna of Chinese Monkey-King!

Chinese legend has it you could gain entry into the heavens and live forever if you found your way through a stone cavern maze. Whilst the other monkeys sat around and chattered one known as “Stone Monkey” said to the other monkeys: “He was going to go through the stone cavern maze”— and off he went.

Upon returning he reported he had eternal life and met with the devil and a group of heavenly angels. The other monkeys learning of his adventures labeled him the “Monkey King”. He spread the word from China through India and was known for his sharp mind, trickery, and playful behavior.

One of the Buddhist monks said: “It’s time to reel this “Monkey King” in because he was becoming too unruly and a possible menace to society because of his antics.” On further research, the Buddhist Monk was reminded that the “Monkey King” had already obtained eternal life— so maybe the best they could do was to learn from each other.

The Monkey King legend is highly stepped in Chinese folklore and is taught to the children at an early age through theatre and visual arts. They also have a traveling Monkey King Opera that shows off his white face and deceitful antics on stage.

QUOTE: “Monkey see Monkey Do! I just wish they would tell me the exact GPS location of the stone cavern. I feel like testing myself thru the maze.”——-Zentraveler

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Honeybees tell each other how far the nectar is from the hive by wagging their bodies, flying in circles and vibrating their wings. Honeybees account for 80% of all insect pollination. —— factaday.co.uk

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Honey Bees! You don’t want to starve to death do you?

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: We would all be better off if we took some time to Monkey around some!

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