Zentraveler adds probiotics to his lifeline!

Scientists predict that PRO-biotics will be as important in this century as ANTI-biotics were in the last. Healthy by Nature believes that they are correct.

What are probiotics? Probiotics (“pro” meaning “for” and “biotic” meaning “life”) are basically beneficial bacteria. Along with a few other benign organisms they are known as “friendly flora”. These good guys not only perform dozens of important functions, but they are actually essential to life. The healthy digestive tract is host to approximately 4 pounds of organisms–there are actually more of them than our own cells–and there are as many as 400 species of bacteria alone. Some probiotics are passed along at birth from mom, we get some from fermented foods, but with the use of antibiotics and modern life it forces us to supplement. Especially during and after taking an anti-biotic it is extremely important to replenish the good guys before the bad guys get to confortable. A healthy balance is 85% good guys and 15% bad guys. If the colonies become imbalanced in favor of the harmful bad guys , the condition is known as Dysbiosis and can lead to illness and even death. Healthy by Nature http://www.radiomartie.com

The era of antibiotics has come and has run it’s course. These new strains of infections almost laugh at the common doctor’s prescription to handle what ales you. From the movie ‘The Graduate’ with Dustin Hoffman “plastics” my man. The new buzz word in the homeopathic community is “probiotics.”

The simple explanation is your body caries so many bacteria some are friendly and some are enemy. With a good immune system when a new bacteria arrives the friendly bacteria wipe it out instantly and you go about your business. However; after a lifetime of fighting bacteria and using antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria it also kills the good bacteria and soon you are out of balance and can’t fight your way out of a paper bag—yet fight a nasty disease.

To make sure you have enough good bacteria you will need to add some so that you are back in control of your own immune system. Thanks to modern health cures and research they now have probiotic pills which you can take twice daily and get your system count back to the original status.

This is great news for anyone who is suffering with a great amount of colds and flu-like symptoms. It easy and painless with no reported side effects and very cost effective. While you are the bandwagon of adding friendly bacteria it is also a good idea to load up on yogurt enhanced products that also add good bacteria into your system. A lot of backpackers and travelers have learned to use yogurt on their breakfast cereal on a daily basis for just that reason. It is interesting to note that during the CIVIL WAR, when sauerkraut (a food fermented by friendly bacteria) was a part of prisoners’ diets, the death rates from small pox dropped from 90% to 5%.

You could also use this as a great pick-up line. Would you like to come to my house I have a few million extra friendly bacteria’s that I would like to share with you?

So there you you have it– simply go to your health food store of choice or order by phone for a supply of friendly bacteria. We can all use a few more friends so why not at least make your body’s bacteria friendly. In the future they will probably have wrist watches with a bacteria counter so you will always know your bacteria count. More info: www. radiomartie.com or call 972-516-0471.

You are urged to seek healthcare advice regarding any illness.

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ZENTRAVELER SAYS: It’s all in the probiotics! Our friendly bacteria is critical to life, so learn to appreciate the little critters and replenish them often. Get your bacteria count squared away, eat an apple a day and drinks lots of water.


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