Zentraveler finds nirvana at Montezuma, Costa Rica

Admit it! We are all looking for the same thing. I have news for you it’s all in your head. So if you want to step outside of your head I recommend you get your travel shoes on and start looking. If you have ever dreamed of a place that had the perfect beach, the perfect weather, the perfect food, and perfectly friendly people— I may have just stumbled upon one of earth’s finest nirvana’s located right in your back yard in Central America.

Upon arriving after a ferry crossing from Puntarenas and a bus trip plus a jeep-tour down the mountainous trail— there you are situated like a picture postcard on a beautiful beach silhouetted by the jungle. A few horses were tied to a hitching-post given it that gaucho wild west appeal. You can find lodging right on the beach and scattered about with the budget traveler in mind. They have a restaurant run by a Swiss lady that also showed a free movie every night. The picturesque town is small by any standards and you can be acquainted and learn your away around within minutes of arrival. You can choose to eat with one of the natives who will personally prepare your meal and also dine with you. From Montezuma you can hike to the waterfall where you could swim in the all-natural if you chose or you could head in either direction along the beach and discover you are the only person with your own private beach. I hiked through the jungle with a local tico and we spotted a large cat leaping from the tree. We were both sure it was a jaguar or maybe just the The magic of the place. So if you are looking for something that is adventuresome, without the tourist hassles why not hat off to Montezuma and write that novel you always wanted to, explore the jungle, bask in the sun, swim in the turquoise waters, ride the waves, ride horses along the beach, lounge in your hammock or just do nothing and practice your espanol on anybody who will listen. OLA!

Welcome to the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, which includes the towns of Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Malpais, Tambor, and vicinity. Since the early 1970’s, people from all over the world have visited this area to discover the beauty of Central America, and many have ended up discovering themselves. Some have stayed permanently, creating this thriving community of artists, musicians, and creative visionaries. While there are many types of people of all ages, colors, and backgrounds, they all share a common desire to live near a beautiful jungle beach with a sense of purpose and style.

From the moment you arrive in Montezuma, you’ll know that you’ve discovered a very special place, quite unlike other towns in Costa Rica. The area has been compared with Maui 50 years ago, or Santa Cruz, California, but with monkeys and warm water.

Despite its popularity, the Montezuma area still has beautiful beaches that you can often find almost deserted, many beautiful waterfalls hikes, and secret surf spots where you can have a great wave to yourself. This website will serve as your guide to what’s best here, and how to find it. ——montezuma.com

Why do we travel is it for the adventure, seeing new sites, new experiences and learning about other people’s cultures? “Viagiar descanta ma chi parte mona torna mona.” Traveling opens your mind. But if you depart as a chump you return as a chump. Learn what you can while on earth- Grasshopper!

QUOTE: ‘Man must believe in realities outside his own smallness, outside the ‘triviality of everydayness’, if he is to do anything worthwhile. —–Colin Wilson (The Occult, 1971)

(Finland) – Estonians took gold and silver at the 2007 world wife-carrying championships in Finland, defying rain and exhaustion to stumble along a path with women clinging upside-down to their backs. They were among 44 couples from 12 countries competing in the annual event in Sonkajarvi, central Finland. The race, held for the 12th time, is intended to evoke the spirit of a legendary Finnish brigand, Rosvo-Ronkainen, who made those who wanted to join his gang run through a forest carrying heavy sacks on their backs. In the modern version, couples race along a track, tackling a pool and several hurdles, with the men carrying the women on their backs. Estonian Madis Uusorg finished first, despite having Inga Klauson on his back upside-down with her legs around his neck. Madis Uusorg is the brother of last year’s winner, Margo Uusorg, who holds the world record for the event. “I’m feeling really great because we won,” Madis said afterwards. “It was my fifth time here, second time to win this competition. And it was the first time to beat my brother!” —–truly unusual.com

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Your eyes! Eat more carrots.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: To avoid Montezuma’s Revenge drink plenty of purified water, eat fruit with the skins on, be careful of unpurified ice and lettuce that is not properly washed and carry a bottle of keopectate just in case.

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