Zentraveler strives to end monkey chatter.

The brain is racing forward without a rest. You would think the creator would have at least installed fuses or slow down plugs so you can wind down for a good nights sleep. This is where you step in and stop this nonsense. The first thing to do is to recognize that the brain can run wild and burn out if you don’t take control. It’s not as hard as it seems.

We all have had crazy pasts and will continue to have crazy futures. In order to stop the monkey chatter you need to allow your brain to continue it’s ramblings and endless chatter. You need to make a deal with yourself that you will allow this chatter from time to time, but you are putting it on notice— that you want peace and quiet and will not tolerate any more of these speeded up brain functions interfering with your life.

Start with the mantra: Let go let God almighty I am—–thinking

This is a very powerful mantra that you can train your mind to use at any time of the day or night. The more you use this very powerful mantra the more relaxed you become. Fair warning! The monkey chatter isn’t going to give up without a good fight, but now you have the tools to stop it in it’s tracks. As you become proficient in learning this technique you will almost welcome the chatter and the gooey stuff that keeps you unnerved. Let it breeze through your brain and when you want a stop simply state:

Let go let God almighty I am—–thinking.

It’s so easy a cave-person could do this if they chose to. Not much monkey chatter in their lifetimes.

To be most effective you can incorporate this powerful mantra into your morning and evening meditation practice. Are you kidding me my brain is on steroids and running in overdrive all of the time. How could I possibly begin a meditation practice? The more wild your brain is running, the more monkey chatter and out of control— the easier it is to see great benefits by simply repeating the mantra: Let go let God almighty I am……thinking.
Start with as little as 10 mintues a day and increase this to an hour as you progress. The key is to be consistent. Surely you can give a few minutes a day to acheive peace.

So there you you have it forget the demons, the devil, your analyst, your drugs and take control of your life by simply installing your personal software in your brain to slow it down and begin to enjoy life again. Just in case you can’t concentrate and your monkey chatter is running amuck— you simply state: Let go let God almighty I am…..thinking.

By golly I think I have it! Let go let God almighty I am——thinking.

QUOTE: Clear the land, thatch the rush for roof,
All around cherish the empty, the pure.
Mountain blossoms fall by a secluded door,
Within, one who has forgotten the world’s schemings.
Concern with existence needs no possession,
Comprehending the void does not wait upon reason,
All things are of conditions born,
Profound is the silence in the midst of clamor.
A person’s mind is very much the same;
A bird in flight, leaving no tracks behind.

dailyzen.com – Liu Zongyuan (773 – 819)

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: A full grown elephant sleeps approximately 3.2 hours per 24 hour period. Adult jellyfish also sleep approximately 3.2 hours per 24 hour period. So it could be fair to make the conclusion that size does not matter or does it.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Words! Try acting like a cigar store Indian for a full day!
Do not utter a word! It’s amazing what you might discover about yourself and others.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: If you know anyone who needs to slow their brain down due to over-stimulation, over revving or caught up in the fast paced merry-go-round world simply pass this simple yet very powerful mantra on to them: Let go let God almighty I am —thinking

Footnote: Depending on your religious preference or not you can substitute God for Buddha, Allah, tribal idols, Uncle Henry etc.

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