Zentraveler eats Brown Algae like Popeye eats Spinach!

Do the Japanese know a thing or two about longevity? This I can tell you. If I won the lottery and money was no object and the only thing you wanted out of life was to be healthy I would consider moving to Japan and mimmic the daily routine of the elder Japanese. I can see their body silhouettes slowly stretching and exercising as they begin the new day. As they bow to the rising sun— set in a natural sorrounding it’s a strong reminder of a spirutual relationship with the earth and a real tribute to being alive.

Aside from the fact that they eat sensible portions of protein they make sure they keep moving from morning till night. I challenge you right now to keep moving yourself, which can add years–simply by making a few life-style adjustments. Look at their plates— they eat sea vegetables, land vegetables and very thin slices of protein mixed in with rice, salad, and drink plenty of water and tea. Their life is well balanced and accounts for some of their longevity. Almost the opposite of our stress filled chaotic lifestyle that we imposed upon ourselves. It’s never too late to start making sense out of your future.

Growing up in America I can’t remember the last time my Aunt Millie ask me: “If I wanted another bowl of delicious brown algae “seaweed” for dinner.” Maybe it’s time to learn some new things from some other cultures— we might just find something that is very beneficial to ourselves and mankind.

We used to say: “You are what you eat!” Now you can include: “We are also what they eat.” Unless you have DNA proof their is a high probability some of the chickens, cows and pigs that make their way onto your table are corporately feed steroids, antibiotics, and chemical laden farm feeds, with even some ground up cheap bone meal, which can lead to Mad Cow Disease. UGH!

Looking at alternative foods– just maybe a nice bowl of Brown Algae might be the answer. You can mix it in with garden salads, put it on your breakfast foods, sandwiches or as a main course. By experimenting and being creative Brown Algae could be something you may want to add to your food list. What’s not to like? Collecting and drying all that seaweed —not to worry! Any good health food store has plenty— now get movin!

The average life expectancy in Okinawa is the highest in Japan, it is said that this is partly due to the intake of high quality seaweed, which might prevent disease and extend life span. The Fucoidan Brown Algae from Okinawa has the highest reputation and is the most widely used all over Japan.

Instead of ordering a triple cheeseburger “all the way Mabel” you may choose to say: “Add the Brown Algae Mabel” instead. I know what you are thinking Brown Algae double UGH! OK then lets rename it to: Savory Sea Veggies on Steroids. Extend your life for years simply by eating like the manatees . No good! Who wants to be a Sea Cow?

I have it! The only thing Paris Hilton craved in jail was a bowl of her Brown Seaweed.”I can eat as much seaweed as I want, party till the cows come home and never gain an ounce. Ain’t I simply divine Darling!” So before you simply scratch seaweed from your list maybe it’s time to consider adding it as one of life’s best food tonics. Something is fishy around here— we have evolved from the sea and if we are not careful just might end up there. Adapted from Rachel Carson’s “The Sea Around Us.” Now that’s food for thought!

QUOTE: You are what you eat and you are what they eat. —–food for thought

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: The Australian Lyre Bird is the world’s best imitator; able to mimic the calls of 15 different species of birds in their locality and string the calls into a melody. Also been known to mimic the sound mobile phones make. ——Convict Creations

THINGS YOU WANT TO SAVE: All of the bags at grocery stores. Bring your own and help save the rain forest, the planet and yourself.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: If you want to live as long as Moses eat more Brown Algae!

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