Zentraveler Chelates himself!

The word Chelation comes from the Greek word to claw or grab. After researching chelation I decided for me the best thing was to go on a liquid chelation program. The three main ways of chelation are to use an approved I. V. chelation doctor which may run from $7,000 to $15,000 dollars depending on your circumstances and your wallet.

The other two methods are either taking pills or using suppositories and the costs vary but are generally more costly than liquid chelation. I like liquid chelation because you simply ad fifteen drops five times per day and then use a spoonful of liquid vitamin c and vitamin e. The program I used lasts nine weeks. It goes like this: week one and two cardio restore five times per day plus vitamin c and e., week three essential restore (mineral replacement) one teaspoon per day, weeks four and five cardio restore five times per day plus vitamin c and e., week six essential restore one teaspoon per day, week 7 and 8 cardio restore five times per day plus vitamin c and e. and week nine essential restore one teaspoon per day. After the program is over you can continue on a maintenance program which Cardio Restore also carries. The cost of the nine week Cardio Restore program is $178.00 which you can order online at http://www.cardiorestore.com

By using a liquid chelation program you are using chelation to clean out any heavy metals plus clean out your veins and arteries. I feel this is the least expensive and most effective maintenance program you can do on yourself. There really aren’t any side effects and the only minor inconvenience is drinking a lot of water— at least ten glasses per day, which for a male my size, that is what I am supposed to drink anyway.

Cardio Restore offers you a complete and effective oral liquid chelation therapy program. Chelation therapy reduces calcium and other minerals and metals from the body that can build up and cause circulatory problems. By cleansing your veins and arteries you can receive numerous benefits from our chelation therapy program including:

* normalize blood flow
* provide additional blood flow to the body
* boost energy levels
* enhance memory
* improve vision
* increase mental alertness

Benefits of Cardio Restore’s Oral Chelation Therapy

Cardio Restore only offers oral liquid products. Liquids have been shown to provide up to 10x the absorption rate of pills & capsules and are more convenient & affordable than suppositories and I. V. chelation therapy treatment.

To recap I felt this was a very good program and easy to do and I was glad I did the liquid chelation. I feel more alert and less bogged down. The toxic metals that we accumulate along the way need to be removed from time to time to give us a healthy chance of beating the odds against crippling diseases.

Disclaimer: Since everyone’s body and circumstances are different if you need answers to your medical questions it is always advised to check with a medical professional. This bloggers information is simply what I did and wrote about and nothing more.

QUOTE:”The present moment is filled with joy and hapiness. If you are attentive, you
will see it.——THICH NHAT HANH

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW:’Then it was springtime in the cloudy Himalayas. Nine hundred feet below my cave rhododendrons blossomed. I climbed barren mountain-tops. Long tramps led me to desolate valleys studded with translucent lakes . . . Solitude, solitude! . . . Mind and senses develop their sensibility in this contemplative life made up of continual observations and reflections. Does one become a visionary or, rather, is it not that one has been blind until then?’

Alexandra David-Neel (Magic and Mystery in Tibet, 1932) —–mysteriouspeople.com

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Siberian Tiger SIBERIAN TIGERS are endangered in the wild. Only about 350 – 420 survive in the wild (perhaps as few as 200), and 1,000 live in zoos around the World.

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day!


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