Zentraveler struggles to keep on the path!

“We are not in control and never will be. The only struggle is to stop struggling.” —Wes “Scoop” Nisker. Everyone talks about walking the path or taking the path. There is a Zen koan that talks about walking down the railroad tracks as a means of direct concentration.

“Taking a path is different from driving down a highway to work. A path has something personal about it; it implies choice or even mystery. To choose one path is to reject another. A path is a meandering walkway—-you do not rush or even drive down a pathway. A path is not goal oriented. A path is the way itself, and every moment on it is a holy moment; a sacred seeing goes on there.” —–Mathew Fox

Zen is a personal practice of Self-discovery.

“The trouble lies in your not believing in yourselves enough. Because you don’t believe in yourselves you are knocked here and there by all the conditions in which you find yourselves. Being enslaved and turned around by objective situations, you have no freedom whatever, you are not masters of yourselves.” Chan is a path that leads to freedom, individuation, and, ultimately, to salvation. It’s a practice that requires great faith, great doubt, and great perseverance. In short, it requires, in Lin Chi’s words, believing in ourselves.

And with that, may our journey begin . . . Chuan Zhi Shakya

“The Apollonian way is the path of the sun: bright and clear and straight. It is the way of most world religions, with particular attention being given by its followers to the details of correct behavior and attention to the small details of life. It is the noble way, the path to the mountaintop. Here we have precepts, liturgies and priestly practitioners guiding communities.

The other way is Dionysian. It is the way of the moon: intoxicating, crooked and dark. It is the way of the shaman and all those who would steal fire from the gods. It is the way of negation, and forgetting, the path down into the abyss. It is the way of the solitary meditator in the mountains or desert.

But let’s go to the heart of the matter. As I said the Diamond Sutra is a core text of the Prajnaparamita cycle, the path of the perfection of wisdom. This is a Dionysian wisdom, one that steals our delusions from us with all the subtlety and skill of a master pickpocket. One day we’re rich, comforted in our certainties. The next moment we’re bereft, deprived of every soothing lie we’d embraced as truth. This is the path of the Prajnaparamita, the way of the Diamond Sutra. And as Zen students, this is our path.” ——James Ishmael Ford, Sensei

I’m on the road to nowhere that’s where I’ve been. I’m on the road to nowhere that’s where I’m going. Lyrics from a song in my head. If you want to get on the path and keep on the path look for a pathfinder— it’s never to early or too late.

QUOTE: “We shall know each other or exterminate each other.” —–CARLOS FUENTES

THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: “The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” is said to be the toughest tongue twister in English.”——greatfacts.com

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: The Otago skink (Oligosoma otagense) is an endangered species of large skink native to the central Otago region of New Zealand.——wikipedia.org

ZENTRAVELER SAYS: Get on the path get off the path it’s your path to discover!


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