Zentraveler eats dirt!

If you want to be healthy better begin to eat more dirt. No wonder were half sick most of the time were too dam clean. Spending all of our time tied to our computers and walking around in air-conditioned quarters— it’s no wonder we are food for fodder for the bugs. We live in environments that are the perfect breeding ground for the smallest and nastiest bacteria known to man They thrive on anti-bacteria soaps and are magnetically attracted to hygienic clean hospitals. The law of opposites is taking over!

Maybe you can’t remember back that far— but as a kid everything from mud-pies, to mud puddles were fair game. If your hands weren’t dirty you weren’t a kid. It’s that simple!

“Too many children, today and in the last fifty years, have been denied this much-needed exposure to soil microorganisms. In other words. we’re living in too clean an environment.” Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan S. Rubin

A lot of the african traditional huts are made from a combination of dung and mud.
Adobe mud makes some of the best houses in the World. Eat yourself out of house and home might be a stretch but at least it’s a starting point. We have excellent mud wrestling at some of the motorcycle events, mud desserts, mud slides, dirt haulers, dirt to grow things, piles of dirt, dirt bikes, dirty skateboarding, dirty riding, slide in the dirt during baseball games, dirt farmers and dirt balls.

Mules and horses love to roll in the dirt. Dirty ole men are always trying to get a roll in the dirt, and birds like to dust themselves with dirt. Elephants can’t enough of a good dirt bath. Beauty salons cover your body and face with some of the most exotic dirt on this Earth. Mother Earth knows quite a bit about dirt also. Don’t you like the smell of freshly plowed dirt! So before you go out and start digging maybe you should goggle yourself around the web and discover an over the counter dirt supplement or keep reading.

Before you take too many showers and baths just remember in Boston in the 1800’s you had to have a Doctor’s prescription in order to take a bath. My grandfather cut that article out and always preached to his wife the virtues of staying dirty.

So maybe the television star Monk has it all wrong by wiping all the door knobs, and not shaking hands. What he needs is a good dirt bath– followed by a dirt bike ride in the back country and a good healthy portion of dirt on his oatmeal. Things that may change will be it’s good to be a dirty cop, a dirty priest, a dirty politician and all of the dirt bags worldwide will finally have their ten minutes of fame.

You have the dirt Navy, worm dirt, paydirt, dishing the dirt, down home Georgia white dirt and Mississippi mud. Africa has long used the practice of mixing and using dirt in their meals to get important minerals. This trend spilled over from the slave trade in the South and there are still folks who eat clay especially pregnant women. Scientists, researchers, and nutritionists are beginning to pay attention to dirt.

“It’s just Kaopectate,” Maddox said. “The old drunks, they used to get drunk and put it [clay] in water and drink it, then go to work. The old-timers and people in Louisiana and Mississippi — they just love to eat that Mississippi mud.” ABC NEWS -health

Researchers have discovered that people who grow up around dirt have less allergies than city dwellers and stronger immune systems. ” We are, after all. part of Nature. William C Bryce, M.D., PH.D of Huntington Beach, California, notes: “Just as HSO’s destroy molds, yeasts, fungi, and viruses in the soil of the organic garden, they perform the same function with pathological organisms present in the gut, which greatly enhances the body’s immune system.

We have to eat dirt once in a while. So if you have a range of mystery diseases or are just not feeling up to power you may want to check out Jordan S. Rubins excellent book on Patient Heal Thyself and try his product called Primal Defense soil organisms which you can purchase at a health food store.

What’s for dinner honey? You won’t believe it, but I canceled the squid lasagna that you like so much. We are going to start with a medley of Swedish Dirt Balls, thin spinach and artichoke spaghetti, sprinkled with prime South African dirt, and end with a brandy glazed mud pie. I’ll see you honey I just remembered it’s poker night with the boys down at Toni’s bar. Enjoy your dirt dinner honey! What’s come over you lately? Just look at the house it looks like a pig stye in here and what’s that disgusting looking brown paste all over your face? I’m out of here already! Toni makes a Chicago style pizza that’s to die for. Don’t wait up honey I’ll probably be very very late.

Eat more dirt it’s good for you!!!!

“Heat shimmers in the air like galloping horses, dust floats like the morning mist, and living creatures are blown about in the sky.”


THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: A camel can drink 25 gallons of water in 20 minutes.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: GOLD It could come in handy someday.

Zentraveler says it’s a long journey-or not.


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  1. Mary T Meza

    Where can I buy Down home georgia white dirt?

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