Zentraveler flies tandem with Mexican Humanoids!

Mexico—– an enchanted land full of mystery, unusual happenings and lost civilizations.
You would think I was was trying to write a brochure for Mexican travel. In my travels while staying in The Lone Wolf Cabinas at Punta Allen along the Yucatan Mexican coast is where I first met Ronnie. His wife said: “Don’t worry about Ronnie he seems a little weird but if you have a few minutes I will begin the story.” Ronnie and his wife Becky were professors and amateur astrologists from Oklahoma. They decided to take a year off to travel and study Mayan culture in Mexico.

“During one of the great eclipses Ronnie was invited to go with a Mayan Shaman into the labyrinth of an ancient cave system. She described this honor, which was never bestowed upon an outsider before “As a chance of a lifetime!” ” Ronnie and several Mayan Shamans climbed down a wooden ladder more than 300 feet where their ancestors had built a stone ceremonial star gazing podium with elaborate tools and etchings. The star gazer room as they called it was surrounded by a very deep aqua blue cynote (deep underground open well) which had been used in the past to make human sacrifices to the gods and record history of each eclipse– since their civilization began in the Americas.

In preparation to the gods the Mayan Shamans ate hallucinogenic magic mushrooms, danced a frantic ceremonial style and started making loud animal type noises. After twirling at high speed they began levitating and spun out of the cave.

Moments later they free form floated back down with their arms and legs spread out. Dressed in black hooded ceremonial costumes– they had a single source of red light emitting a red glow from their chests. Without a word said they put on ceremonial masks and began using what looked like a series of mirrors and light refraction’s off the cave walls to keep track of the eclipse. The eldest Shaman used white chalk on black slate and was marking progress of the eclipse. When the total eclipse occurred Ronnie was stuck with what appeared to be a bolt of lighting which violently knocked him to the ground. Ronnie was holding a crystal white object, about the size of a soccer ball, which he was told was handed down by their ancestors. The word eclipse means “to vanish.”

They took him to the Cancun Hospital where he lay unconscious for three weeks. Upon awakening he told his wife, who he didn’t recognize, that he had no memory of anything. The Mexican psychiatrist inquired whether anything like this ever happened before and whether or not he used hallucinogenic drugs. She reported that Ronnie had never had any mental conditions and never even tried one drug in his life. She mentioned that they were both professors from the University of Oklahoma and were studying the Mayan culture. Becky asked me If I would report this story because no one would believe her. She was waiting tables at the small restaurant and made arrangements to live there as long as necessary to help get Ronnie back on his feet and try to rejoin the human race.

I didn’t report the story! However, the flying part always interested me, so I headed on my own journey through the mountain towns of Mexico— hoping to discover the secret behind these magical events. As the bright sun was about to set I was wandering around At The Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque (an area noted for it’s great natural beauty, forests, rivers and ancient Mayan ruins) when a man appeared from nowhere and asked me: ” If I was lost?”

I’ve been trying to find myself for years if that’s what you mean. I’m searching for the Mexican Humanoids. ” Aren’t we all— The old Mayan Shaman laughed whole heartily and told me that he knew of such occurrences and he witnessed them many times in his life on this Earth. He then pointed to the sky and and went into detail explaining the Mayan Factor which allowed him mathematically to evolve from the cosmos and return when the time was right. He explained they could use mathematical humanoid methods of flying or could use the large hoovers designed for mass travel. We were brought here as slaves to build elaborate civilizations and were always told that one day we would return. “Tomorrow night will be a full moon. Show up here about the same time manana with a hooded black outfit and bring along that backpack you are carrying he instructed. ” My friend tomorrow night we are going flying. You see we have been recently instructed by our Mayan Flight God to begin humanoid flights throughout the mountains of Mexico.” “Adios!” he called out as he disappeared directly into the falling golden sunset.

In a large cattle truck we started winding our way up a treacherous mountain ravine what seemed like days but was at least seven hours. We hadn’t passed a vehicle, spotted any houses or seen any lights in over three hours. We arrived at what looked like a grassy airport on the highest point of the mountain range. I assumed maybe we would use a glider to take flight. Within minutes several other cattle trucks pulled up with rather small Mayan men —dressed in black. As they jumped from the trucks all you could see was white teeth superimposed against the dark backgrounds. We all held hands and begun walking in a circle. The circle walk began to pick up speed, a great wind lifted us off and we began floating– turning in small circles as we auto-rotated some 30,000 feet down to the grassy low lands. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants—This my friend is extreme flying!

After a successful landing, we walked in a straight line almost ceremonious to a small Mexican Cantina lit up with multicolored Christmas lights. Inside a Mariachi band played hypnotically and I couldn’t help from wondering to myself if the whole world is magical or do they reserve the magic for Shamans alone. Holding our shot glasses up high we toasted the evenings event and drank several shots of Mescal which I was told came directly from the vats near Oaxaca. And to be real authentic I was instructed to put powered red worms on my hand and lick it off to keep the evil spirits away. After downing my third or forth shot of Mescal the old Shaman I had met at Palenque appeared from nowhere and stated: “You know my amigo it’s amazing what we don’t know— isn’t it!”

So if you want a trip of a lifetime, want to learn about some ancient civilizations, and don’t mind getting off the beaten path— wild wonderful Mexico might be just the place for you.
I couldn’t help but be intrigued at seeing this sign at one of the local mountain villages.

“No low flying — Home of the Mexican Humanoid sightings”

“Don’t be swayed by external circumstances.”


THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Tim the Yowie man—Tim began his career as a mild mannered economist but during a bush-walking expedition, his life changed after coming face to face with a Yowie. (Australian Bigfoot)

Tim realized his calling and gave up the figures to investigate those mysterious occurrences that others were too afraid to openly discuss. Tim named his genre “cryptonaturalism” and to this day, he remains the genre’s only occupant.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE: Golden Monkey’s of China! Not very many left!

Zentraveler says keep traveling it’s better than the alternative.


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