Zentraveler uses Zen techniques to stop brain chatter!

Sitting with your favorite shrink the conversation might go something like this. Too much data doc where is all of this information coming from and were is it heading. My computer is overloaded I need to slow down. ” Have you ever tried Meditation?” Yes I have tried meditation— especially the zen variety which simply states: just sit. ” That’s a breakthrough right there. Just sit! is easier said than done— are you ready for such a commitment?” It sounds so easy to do— I sit in a chair put some soft new age music in the background and follow my breathe in and out. I have a Felix clock next to me with a timer and I decide to start meditating 10 minutes a day for the first week and up it each week until I am meditating one hour a day and then double it. What’s not to like?

Your ego, the news feed, life in general, things that are broken, emotions, relationships, careers, bosses, bill collectors, marketing calls, IRS, dentists, relatives, neighbors, politics, religion, lawyers, cable repairman all represent the past and have a fast track feed flying across your screen. Zen master says when all of this stuff comes in don’t fight it let it fly by and just at that point and I mean at that point say: CHANGE PEGS . It helps if you vision a wooden peg and you take your hand and place the wooden peg in a tight fitting hole. This represents a stop and can be a very effective system of stopping the brain chatter. After much repetition you will look forward to your meditation periods like anything else… the beginning is the most difficult also the most rewarding.

Don’t change pegs on me I am almost finished.” Thanks doc what do I owe you? I see my session bell rang after 7 minutes. ” Don’t worry about it— I will have accounting prepare your bill and have them send it out electronically. Oh by the way did my secretary get all your information starting with your most recent home address, new passport number, your social security number, your home phone number, your office number, your fax number, all of your cellphone numbers, your e-mail address, blackberry private code and of course I assume you have a blog. I see you have an up to date will and testament on file with us and you better give us your next of kin —you are looking a little grey today. On the way out please sign the non-liability waiver, leave a copy of two credit cards with expiration dates, the full address, branch and telephone numbers of your bank and your 13 digit routing number. Sorry to rush you but the clock is ticking.

” By the way If you have any problems don’t call me– I am taking a professional sabbatical for a few years. I am heading into the bush where I will be tagging white rhinos in southern Africa.” At the present time their only form of communication is the conch shell. Good luck with your sitting did I say this before —– just sit!” Chow!!!

To sum it up Zen meditation can be broken down to just sitting, breathing in and out, telling the unwanted chatter to change pegs and now you have it. Start with short sessions and make it a part of your daily routine. Don’t tell me you can ‘t squeeze ten minutes a day dedicated to just sitting. Say it ain’t so!

If a Zen master can just sit in a cave for eighty years and live off of air alone I know you could learn this very basic technique. Just Sit! We have people in the workforce who after they have their cup of coffee and check their e-mails just sit. We have organized sit-ins, house sitters, porch sitters, beach sitters, ice-fisherman sitters, pet sitters— not to mention all the sitting that takes place in world politics. This just sitting also comes in handy when the lawn needs mowed, the dishes need washed and the boss leaves the office.

“If you find yourself digging a hole—quit digging!”


Zentraveler says travel often using foot power…you might be surprised!



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2 responses to “Zentraveler uses Zen techniques to stop brain chatter!

  1. Just sitting, and not letting the monkey mind take over is the first hurdle to overcome when it comes to meditation. After this is achieved the rest is down hill.

    Thanks for your Blog!

  2. Allways use a good tax attorney. He can save you more than he costs and maybe even worse (fines, Jail) !

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