Zentraveler paints like a caveperson!

It all started when aunt fernie taught me to draw a dirty stick figure in first grade. We were asked to draw a picture by Miss Mosteller and I turned in a stick figure boy pissing in a bowl. She preceded to grab me by the neck and drug me to the cloak room where I probably acted out… but what the hell I was only six. I mixed up all the lunches, switched all the coats and boots around and began a full blown tantrum by jumping up and down with my wooden chair and screaming like a banshee to the top of my lungs. The Principal Mr. Bassett a very decent educator in his own right grabbed my hand and rescued me from the cloakroom. As we passed Miss Mosteller’s desk Mr. Bassett ask If I had anything to say.

and I simply stated: “SHIT-ASS!” under my breathe don’t stifle my creativity!

It was several weeks before I returned to school but I kept doodling because we had three grades in the same classroom. This simple act of filling up a blank tablet with nonsensical
drawings began to mimic the art work from our ancestral cave-persons. An elongated horse, a doggie with short legs, and deer enhanced with red pencil.

Warp-speed to eighth grade where Miss Cagney our art teacher put her arm around me giving me a c minus for effort for my art work. Very kindly she said ” now don’t take this personal but you draw like a prehistoric cave-person.” I gave a quick smile back and thanked her very much. To me this was the highest compliment anyone could every give you. At least she didn’t drag me to the cloakroom… that was a plus.

Later on hanging at the old campus I took an art education course only to learn that one of the greatest artist’s of anytime period used simple strokes, exaggeration, and distorted animals in his art work and became famous because of his style. If you only have a small original Piscasso in today’s market it would be worth mega bucks. But who’s into money. Start getting rid of your crap! It’s a beginning.

” Meng Sun has indeed mastered Zen! He has gone beyond wisdom. He has already made his life simple. ”


Zentraveler says you too can become a zen painter. Pick up your brush, begin with stick figures and move into cave-painting.


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  1. Great website, nice tips, thanks for sharing

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