Zentraveler trains like a cat!

A Buddhist Zen master told a student if he really wanted the essence of zen he should emulate the cat. I spent the first day in the observation mode which included watching the cat sit on the windowsill motionless for hours. The cat leaped off the windowsill and headed to the far edge of the yard where he creeped low through the high grass. Sitting motionless on an old stump he pounced on a field mouse played with it with his paws and then delivered a swift kill. The cat eat everything but the righthind quarter and the tail.
Not unlike a big game trophy hunter the cat dragged the remains back to the house and deposited it right in front of the main door. He jumped up from a crouching position and rattled the door knob which prompted his master to open the door.

The cat headed directly to the den jumped up on the windowsill and proceded to pamper himself by licking his fur until he was shiny clean. The western sun streamed through the window streaking rays of sunlight on his ball of fur. He closed his eyes, licked his whiskers and began purring— setting himself up for the proverbial cat nap.

As dinner time approached as if he had a six sense he jumped off the windowsill and ran swiftly toward the kitchen where he had a delicious tin of tuna and a few drinks of distilled water. After dinner he crouched around the entertainment center where the madame was listening to Mozart on their new soround sound and jumped up on the Madame’s lap. She preceded to pet him until he znoozed off.

At exactly ten o’clock as if he had a built in clock he scampered up the stairs and landed at the foot of a plush kingside bed where he began to roll and stretch and eventually lay down on his back with his all fours sticking up in the air. When the morning alarm rang he ran lickity split down the stairs and out the cat door where he met up with a female alley cat and lord knows what they did when they headed into the woods.

So there you have it go hunting and fishing, snooze a lot, pamper yourself, eat a Mediterranean diet with lots of pure water and don’t forget about the sex and you will have nine lives and live a long life. Since I don’t know where I will re-incarnate or with who I have decided to follow my masters words and extend my average life of 80 years times 9 which would make me 720 years old when I had to turn myself into the Karma Bank—at least I will have plenty of time to learn my lessons. The one quote I hate the most is they never test you unless you really need it. Right!

This Zentraveler is off to the haberdasher to pick up his cat suit. That sitting on the windowsill may be a stretch and I may need to brush up on my mousing techniques but after-all I”m just a mere cat student.

Zentraveler says travel fast, slow, and get plenty of rest after-all the journey has just begun or has it.

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