Zentraveler zeroes in on a stress free lifestyle!

The average caveman worked two point three hours per day from birth to death. The rest of the time he hung in hammocks, frollicked in the waters, chitchatted over a few brewskis in the communal meeting house and made love under the bright moonlight. Today we shall work in the jungle processing sago palm for the communal dinner-table. Notice this is one activity. You didn’t hear the cave-person mention I would like to multi-task. Tomorrow the cave-persons may build a new hut from palm trees but they won’t process sago palm and build homes in the same day– simply because they were focused on one activity at a time.
They had no word for stress and did not rely on sleeping pills, shrinks or the Betty Ford detox house. They mock wrestled to stay in shape, walked several million miles through the jungle and relied on the jungle for all of their food and medical needs. A recent study showed that anyone who multitasks loses at least 10 to 30 IQ points. Where does that leave the president of the United States? Don’t answer that! NEWS HEADLINE I”M SORRY FOLKS IT WASN”T MY FAULT I WAS SIMPLY MULTITASKING AND MADE A BAD JUDGMENT CALL.

They were happy jungle folks who rarely used aggression against their fellow man. The first Buddhists by birth without knowing it. Who said knowledge is everything? When the aggression card was played they were normally being chased by a hungry tiger which because they had stores of adrenalin— acted like a man shot from a cannon as they turned on the afterburners. Most of them made it safely back to the cave. They had very large brains which mapped out all the edible foods in the jungle and placed all the medicinal plants in their memory banks. They had lots of brain memory on reserve which came in handy for storytelling around the campfire. To demonstrate that cave-persons could be aggressive if they were actually threatened they found one cave-person who was studying to become an attorney. They held a tribal meeting and immediately clubbed him to death allowing civilization millions more years on the calendar as peace-loving souls.

If you only use your computer and television 12 hours per day at age 75 you have accumulated 4380 hours per year times 75 equals 328500 hours of electronic stimulation.
What’s not to like? Starbucks! Jitters, jitters, and more. To slow down the electronic buzz you will need to detox slow or your brain will just spin out leaving you a hologram.

Wouldn’t you rather have a cup of herbal tea. Why Yes I would–thank you very much.
Notice what has happened Zentravelers instead of you rotten S.O.B., the illegal skirmish in Iraq (doesn’t qualify as a war) and I’m going to sue your ass you have hit on one of the
Zen Buddahs greatest lessons. Be thankful or the Zen master will hit you on the head with his staff. Be thankful two words reduces to one thanks I needed that.

“What will happen to us today is completely unknown, as unknown as what will happen at death.”

Pema Chodron

Thanks for the memories you electronic misfits I’m heading to my cave for a nap.

Pleasant dreams Zentravelers!

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  1. gmh

    I enjoyed your blog and will visit again. Please take a look at mine, it is about detoxification.

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