Zentraveler leaves the blog-o-sphere!

Hold on here we go liftoff we are traveling at breakneck speed through the universe. I didn’t count on this I’ve only been blogging for seven days and didn’t think the editor nazis would catapult me out of this world. I know I have a lot of problems especially handling iambic parameter, dangling participles, and that grammer stuff. Spelling is for nerds and such– at least they can use the spellchecker. Did they disable my spell-checker on purpose? I even found a spellchecker that helps you when you write. The only thing my spellchecker does is put a funny ziggy redline under my misspelled words. I know when they are misspelled don’t insult me. Why doesn’t the spellchecker just do it– aren’t we in the electronic age. What did I do wrong did I move my mouse in a strange way or try to learn widgets, html and blogroll in one time sequence? This spaceship is really wobbling hang tight we are heading through a time rip and I mean fast. Anything you want to say to past civilizations?

Them Egyptians are walking along as if they don’t have a care in the world with their elongated necks pointed up to the sun as if they think the sun is some kind of god or sometim and can you beat it— each one has their own greyhound dog. I thinks it mostly for show. Check out the Romans lounging around the Roman baths covered in oil and by the looks of their nails haven’t worked a day in their earth life. Look at the retired wars and rages archives—wow that really takes up a lot of space all them broken chariots and such.

Wow look at the future they are grilling MR. Greenspan right in front of me something about our lost monetary system being converted over to bionic barter chips and check out the Karma Bank my god (I hope this doesn’t offend some religious zealots) but what do I care I am on the adventure of a lifetime. A red-assed monkey is first in line on the Karma Bank.
It appears they are calling corporate world leaders to re-incarnate at this level. Wow hold on I am seeing things I can’t even report on stuff that is too dam secret. Just as the future opened it closed like some kind of a sick joke. A blogging message was so strong it spun the spaceship back into the universe. As we broke the sound barrier back-through the blogsphere a large text message read: DON’T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB!

Live your life as if your pet talking parrot broke out of the house and flew through the neighborhood. You too can become a Zen-traveler it’s free!

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