Zentraveler prepares to leave the stinking nest!

How many of us are just plain stuck and need to leave the nest. When I was a young eagle my mommy and papa fed me every day, told me stories and I mostly just lounged around the nest kicking back. I would look out from my vantage point and see the other birds flying around snatching insects, eating furry rabbits and diving to the pond for a fish dinner. I would often try to flap my wings stand tall and move to to the edge of the nest as if to take flight. In the eagle world you have no choice. One day when you least expect it mommy eagle shoves you out over the edge and you are a ball of feathers auto-rotating at unknown speeds through the air currents. You simply make a few adjustments start flapping and you are on your way.

The zentraveler can take virtual tours by surfing the web or can actually begin to travel as a way of life. The first thing you need to do is set a plan. I would like to travel for six months through Central and South America. The next step is to set a budget and begin your research by surfing the web for tips, fellow bloggers, places to stay, airline deals, etc.
The bygone days are over for sitting at an airport in Honiara, Solomon Islands in the South Pacific while the Aussies and the New Zealanders made fun of the Americans getting off the airplane with their matching set of huge Samsonite suitcases. You can purchase a lightweight back pack and roll up two sets of clothing for your entire trip. ( check out some of the travel gear Colombia sportswear has to offer) The key to this form of travel is to travel light. Consider getting medical travel insurance and a few medical shots before traveling to different areas. Select a medical doctor who specializes in travel vaccinations.

A quick check off list might include: Up to date passport, (with at least six months before expiration) copies made for travel and copies left behind in case you should have your passport stolen or lost, a very small flashlight, a small lock, a plastic whistle ( comes in handy for an emergency) a money belt, a small snap on pack to keep your valuables which you carry under a shirt so as not to be a target for a thief), light weight digital camera, small roll of toilet paper just in case, two in one shampoo for the shower and any special medical requirements. Just like mommy eagle and the Zen master might do–leave your stinking nest and start traveling. And while you are traveling drop by an internet cafe and start blogging. If you haven’t tried it before it’s a perfect low-cost way of keeping your own diary and keeping your friends informed. Simply google and type in wordpress.com and you can be blogging for free within a few minutes. What’s not to like? As this blog picks up steam I would appreciate any travel tips, suggestions, or comments as we journey down the information highway.

“In the garden of gentle sanity
May you be bombarded by coconuts of

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche from Pema Chodron’s many books on Buddhism



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4 responses to “Zentraveler prepares to leave the stinking nest!

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