Zentraveler goes biodiesel!

Just when you thought youv’e heard everything Zentraveler hooks up with the RED and Green and designs the human biodiesel machine capable of propelling you anywhere. You simply walk into the er room at the hospital have them insert a one and one half inch belly button plastic fitting with screw threads and now you have your fuel connection site. Step two –shop at the goodwill store for a used electrolux vacum sweeper. Use the male end to insert into your bellybutton connection site and rewire the vacum sweeper for a 12 volt battery. When you are ready to take off in your mini by-plane, small car or whatever simply make a few sludging muliciffers from a heavy duty Jack Lalane juicer– add a couple of oil filters and vala start liposuction by turning on your sweeper –all the time converting fatty tissue solids into biodiesel.

If your the type that just can’t quit cutting grass you can use the haystack combinder mounted onto the front of your truck and head to any rural landscape mowing as you go and converting enough good green grass energy back into your truck for at least a run to the neighborhood Biscuits and Gravy Restaurant. As you can see everyone will be doing their own version of biodiesel. Another really great idea is to capture the dna of a train car full of alligators ( a first cousin to the Dinosar) take them to an industrial apple press and squeeze pure high grade oil right off the top. Why wait several million years for a few dinosars to rot away when you can hit the jackpot by squeezing gators for oil. Another good reason to tune into Zentraveler no patent applied for…. it’s free!


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