Zentraveler takes off!

After prepping the launchpad I decided it was time to grab my yellow robe and head for a combination virtual tour along with a touch of reality thrown in. As this blog begins to pick up steam you can expect the unexpected. “The secret of Zen is just two words: not always so.” -Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. What can a zen traveler expect to do to protect theirself from the elements? Use zen meditation to become a zen warrior. Simple instruction: breathe in using the slogan bad air in good air out. I know what you are thinking shouldn’t it be the other way around. It could be; however by slowly inhaling the air outside through your nostrils and holding it a few few seconds then exhale through the mouth as if a big sigh of releif-you begin to have a rhythm that is in rhythm with the universe-allowing you to practice meditation anytime, anywhere, anyplace in the universe. Total cost it’s free! Repetition is the key! Choose one focal point like following your breathe, the end of your nose, a flickering candle or a gold buddah and concentrate on that focal point. That’s it! Start traveling zen traveler.


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