Zentraveler can’t get enough oregano!

If you could only take one item with you on your travels that could starve off many diseases, purify water and enhance your spagetti sauce what might that be? You guessed it Oregeno oil- which you can purchase at any health food store or order from the internet and costs about ten to fifteen dollars. The best way to take it is to use two or three drops morning and night in ten ounces of tomato juice. Do yourself a favor and google not gargle oregeno oil for it’s history and uses. You will be amazed to see the possible health benefits.


Spice up spaghetti sauce, pizza or just add some zing to salad dressings. Where ever or however it is used oregano definitely adds a pungent kick to foods. But who knew that this family of herbs also offers a variety of health benefits?

ANTIBIOTICS Research shows that oregano oil processes strong anti-bacterial properties, and credit may be due to two of its chemical constituents-CARVACROL and THYMOL. Compared with the antibacterial chemical phenol, carvacrol is one and one-halft times more potent, while thymol is 20 times more powerful.

Several studies found oregano oil may be an effective treatment for drug resistant bacteria, while 2 other studies indicate that oregeno oil appears to diminish infection as surely as traditional antibiotics. The research team tested oregano oil against staphylococcus bacteria which is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Combining oregano oil with the bacteria they compared oregano oil to streptomycin, penicillin and vancomycin. Relatively low doses of oregano oil were found to suppress the growth of the bacteria as effective as antibiotics. Oregano oil extract has been shown to help kill H-pylori, the bacteria linked to stomach ulcers.

OTHER APPLICATIONS Scientists in Turkey examined the anti-fungal properties of oregano oil and found it to be excellent. Several studies have investigated oregano oil’s ability to inhibit the growth of yeast. Experiments indicate that oregano oil was effective against three strains of candida at very low concentrations. Candida albicans is thought to be the culprit behind vaginitis, abdominal bloating, fatique, depression and auto-immune diseases.
Scientists who conducted in-vitro and animal tests at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC , determined that oregano oil fights candida albicans, achieving results equal to or better than the strongest anti-fungal medicines. In the petri dish, concentrations of oregano oil , as low as .25/ml, completely prevented the yeast from growing.

Due to it immune and expectorant effects oregano oil can also be used for cough, sinusitis and as a gargle for a sore throat. Internally it can be used for arthritis, psoriasis and asthma. A drop or two mixed with juice may calm an upset stomach. Oregano oil diluted with olive oil may also be rubbed gently into sore, inflamed gums, around an aching tooth to ease pain and fight off infection.

OIL OF OREGANO has other medical properties. Not only does oregano oil kill bacteria, virus and yeast, it can send parasites to their death. Oregano oil is used as a nutritional supplement for the management of acne, athletes foot, insect bites, gum disease, nail fungus, ringworm and warts. Oregano oil can be used topically and taken internally for faster results.

LUNG CONDITIONS Oregano oil helps asthma suffers, opens nasal passages, relieves bronchitis, reduces airborne allergies and sinusitis. Oregano oil is one of nature’s finest healers.

HOW TO TAKE Oregano comes in capsule form to take when killing bacteria, virus or yeast internally. Take one or two capsules 3 times a day. Oregano oil liquid can be taken internally if diluted with juice or olive oil. ( I always use Tomato or v8 Juice it seems to work better) Also if you haven’t taken the oil before you may burp so be prepared— no big deal for all of the benefits. As a Zentraveler oregano oil would be the only product I would want on my travels. It works! One six ounce bottle could easily last six months and you have instant protection from those infectious bugs. (reprinted in part from Great Life) and Linda Garrison, certified nutritionist from Sunshine Health Foods newsletter.

“You are what you eat or are you?”

Zentraveler says travel fast, stay in place or tread water. It’s up to you.


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