Zentraveler spins not unlike the whitehouse!

Beyond the test launch the zen traveler will look back -look forward and begin spinning like a whirrling dervish so as to align himself with the universe for a quick takeoff or not. To prepare for a journey it may be necessary to start with the basics which would take us back to the cave man who as hard as he tried could not find sugar in bags -a frutose lollipop or even a Mcdonald’s hamburger stand. My gouty footed friend complained that he had to purchase two plane tickets on a small airplane in Costa Rica simply because he tipped the scales a bit over 400 lbs. As part of the journey the zen traveler will simply leave you with food for thought. Drink plenty of water and eat raw foods to get the benefit of enzynes.
You think you are at least smarter than a caveperson. Not necessairly so!


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